Need a name for my Skelesummoner

Ragnarok Moon

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Need a name for my Skelesummoner

I just started a necro summoner and was wonderin if u guys might help me decide a name. I was thinkin somethin like XLord_SothX(Character from some books he is a skeleton and has soem skeleton followers so it seemed appropriate:grin: ) Any replies would be good thnx:azn:


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o good summoner name should always have x,y,k and Q in his name.
pick a name that you like and not what others say it's cool.
i jst use DnD deitties names on my chars or old forgoten earth gods


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Mine one is called SmellyOldman. I would imagin necro smells abit in real life..
Just something different i guess :laughing:


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Finding that perfect name can take so long...but it's so worth it ^_^
yea, i think so too..
i rebuilded at least 3-4 characters cuz i didnt like name anymore...

i simply cant understand people whic nick is aaahaaaaa, or something like that :sad2:



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Mine is Undead_Thing. Not only does a necro look like a skeleton with skin, he has 15-some odd skeletons and a golem walking around him all the time.

But yes, a good name is worth taking the time for. You also dont want a name that is hard for people to single you out in the game (especially if they want to give you something for free :grin: )


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I had plans on making my necro with the perfect name.

MaryShelleysDream .. But it was 2long ;(

But my druid got the a perfect name ;) -> PerfectByNature ;o


Im no flamer.. But a good nickname isnt xXx_kILlErzKElleToN_oOo