Need a little help with my sorc


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Need a little help with my sorc

Hi all
I recently started playing LoD again(since about 3 years)
I while after starting my sorc, I decided to read some stuff about different builds and decided to go for the meteorb build, as far as that was still possible. I am now lvl 71, have orb and meteor maxxed, but because i wasted to many points i'll never be able to max both FB and FM, so my question is, what skill would be best to max and where should i put my points in first(I would would like to be able to use FB for faster cold imune creaters, since meteor is a pain to use against those)
Here's a list of my current skills

Orb: 20
IB: 3
CM: 8
prereqs: 4

telekenesis: 1
teleport: 1

Meteor: 20
FM: 1
Warmth: 16 (the big mistake, I realized after reading into sorc builds...)
prereqs(including FB): 5

I apreciate any suggestions(except for 'start over' :p)



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I think you need to start over....16 points is a lot especially if you want to use Fireball...Meteor could still do some nice damage if you put the remaining points in synergies but Fireball's damage will probably be too low:( If you want to boost your Fireball most, then put points in Fireball itself.

And welcome to the forums:)

Don't be discouraged I think most of the people here have messed up their first couple of builds too...I know I have.


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I'll be using this sorc mainly for mf, so that's why i don't want to start over, at least I'm doing my barb right :p


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restarting isnt thatt hard, im not sure if you had this 3 years back but baal runs... lol