Need a little bit of help with this hammerdin


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Need a little bit of help with this hammerdin

Ok, my hammerdin is level 40 with crappy gear (I dont have any high level friends, or a MF character) and I'm just starting first chapter nightmare with him. I'm having two problems. First off, he seems to take damage way too easily (dies in 2/3 hits, even from small monsters). Currently I'm using a staff because I need the mana bonus it gives, but even when I use a shield/scepter he still seems to die very easily. He has around 500 health.

Also, I was wondering how you guys deal with mana problems with your hammerdins? I have a +to mana after each kill staff, but it doesnt seem to give me back enough mana. I know a lot of you suggest razorswitch/wizardspike, but I dont have any easy means of obtaining one of them, and the rest of my items give really crappy mana bonuses. I end up spending insane amounts of money on mana potions. =\

I know these are newbish questions. Please no flames, just answers. Thanks in advance --


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I had to type all this again so I hope it helps

If you are having trouble surviving in Nightmare its probably because of one of a few things
1. You do not have enough Dex. If you don't have high Dex then you have low chances of blocking. If you don't want to put points in dex put a few points in Holy Shield.
2. You messed up putting points in Hammerdin. It should be doing enough damage to kill things quite easily.
3. You are trying to fight the monsters. Try to stay away from monsters usually if you put points in Holy Shield then you'll get a point in Charge hotkey this on left click and hotkey vigor and change to this when you need to run use shift and left click with charge/vigor on.

If you're having mana problems then here's a few tips
1. If you are untwinked you should add around 20+ points into energy. I know most guides say to keep it at base but sometimes it helps to put a few points in.
2. You may have to be casting to many hammers to kill any enemies so try to figure out what would be best to put skill points in
3. Maybe you maxed Hammer straight away and it costs to much mana to cast. You're stuck a bit if you did this. If you're playing untwinked with base energy you should put as little points into hammer to keep up good damage

Hope this helped. I'm going with my own experiance here so please don't flame because i said to put points in mana :scared:


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basically i agree with various points above

- max BH last - put a point or 2 in, then max the synergies
- Redemption is a 1 point wonder - use concentration for the fight, then when u need mana after the fight, just mouse wheel up (or whatever) and fill those spheres back up. Or mid fight, vigor away a little, flick on redemption, fill up then flick conc back on.
Either way u will soon pick up the habit of almost ignoring whats happening on screen and just watch your blue/red balls and retreat/redeem when needed.
- ring choice - early on get some +mana rings (you can get about 200 mana from 2 rings.
- i baal run normal till i am lvl 50, then move up to NM. Maybe i am being a wimp but it certainly makes NM a little easier
- lose the staff - get a sheild to help block also try and get a steelclash (v cheap with +1 pala iirc). Pair this with something like a suicide branch [wand] (again cheap as chips).
- Do you have a HF merc? if not they make things nice and easy as they put all the enemies in slow motion for you. (just noticed you are act1 NM and HF is Offensive ACT2 NM so i'd get one when you manage to get thru act1).
- If your hammers are doing decent damage you should be slaying everything near you, so maybe you need to improve your hammer aim (remebering they always come out at 9 o clock and spin round clockwise).
- Saphires - put these in a few sockets - ie 2/3 sock helm/armour for some extra mana. Pick up any saphires you see and cube them up to a perfect for 34 (iirc) extra mana.
- plz DONT put any points into energy - when u get things sorted out (either with gear changes / lvl'ing up / merc / tactic change) you will regret those points you invested into energy.


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Hey thanks for the help guys. As it turned out, one of my friends from school has been playing d2 for a looooong time and has a few level 90 characters, so I'm getting some decent items from him. So far I have a suicide branch, wizard spike, and lidless wall, and they seem to be making all the difference in the world.