Need a last check on this build before creation.


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Need a last check on this build before creation.

Ok, i need som last opinions on my ww/kick pvp sin before i start making her.

This is my plan:

Chaos claw as primary
Bartucs(shael) as secondary
2*+3SD claws on switch
shako with poison facet
Nats with facets
trang gloves
some kind of elite boots (this is NL)

10 SD charms, anni and life charms.

20 venom (42 with items)
20 CM (38 with items)
8 Weapon block (26 with items)
20 DFlight (26 with items. I want to be able to have a good chance to hit with it)
rest in DTalon for lvling purposes. The speed of DTalon wont be fast enough for pvp, but might still come in handy. I dont have any other good place to put them anyway. Should be slvl 18, 4 kicks, with items.

I'll use fade so resists and dr are no problem.

Am I missing anything?



I never tried this, but maybe those boots with boneprison charges could deliver a nice surprise... not sure.


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charges a bm so thats not an option. However i'm considering them for the stats.

Would it be a better idea to switch nats and shako for a shaft and crown of ages, and switch fade for bos? I'll lose +3 SD skills, but i would be able to use DTalon in duels (will pump it to 24 if i change the gear).

EDIT: Nevermind. i wont be able to afford a crown of the ages anyway. I'll use DTalon agains necs instead, since i can switch to bos then.


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Ok, made some major changes. This is the new layout:

Shaft (facet)
Shaft (facet)
Nats armor with facets for casters
trang gloves
elite boots
2*+3 SD claws on switch.

Gonna use bos with this setup and get Dtalon to slvl 24.

This gives me good life, maxed resists and dr, slvl 42 venom and 2 facets and good ar.

the skill points that will be left over is going into Dflight.

For the elite boot - find a rare war boot with good mods and upgrade it...

Nice to see you talking about NL for a change lol...


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I'm in the middle of moving to NL since i couldnt get an ohm on ladder ;)

ok, so rares can be uppgraded off ladder, but not unqiues? wouldnt a pair of marrowalk or snadstorm trek be better until i can get a pair of shadow dancers to boost my poison?