Need a FUN character to play untweaked


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Need a FUN character to play untweaked

Hi, I am looking for a fun character to play that can hold its own in most difficulties. I do NOT want a standard, cookie cutter build, aka hammerdin and meteor sorc, but rather one that doesn't get as much publicity but is still fun to play. Here is a list of what I have-
hammerdin ( not that fun to play, lvl 24)
all fire traps/ shadow discipline trapper, about lvl 40
fireball sorc, low level
elementalist assn, not really to my liking.

Any ideas? By the way, those are all only on hc. Thanks for input,



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Oh, yeah, I forgot a few. I have a wind druid at a low level I would like to level, and a lld rabies druid. Still any ideas? :confused:


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throw-barb please

(i think they can do hell, not exactly sure as i haven't made one in 1.10)

or beserk/war cry barb


I think a chain lightning sorc would be pretty cool but i don't know about it holding up in all difficulties.

Maybe an armageddon ele druid?

Close range spear/javazon?


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CL sorcs do work in all difficulties. It does similar damage to LS, the downside is that you have to get closer with no tank, the upside is you get ES + Teleport. I'm not sure how it'd work on an untwinked sorc.
But I've said it before and I'll say it again;
CL just doesn't seem fun to me now that you don't need to load your sorc up with IAS jewels and use a phase blade/chu-ko-no/cutlass of quickness =(


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As for fun to play, untwinked and with power to hold its own to the middle of Hell? here's some I played:

Plaque/poison javazon with both skills maxed and lv 12 LF. Maxed, Valk, Act 3 icemerc. Currently alive at lv 74 in act 3 hell. Greatest item is now a Titans Revenge, but she came thru act 1 hell without that, using an imbued ceremonial jav. In a party, she is more a supporting character with the slow killing speed. But alone, she can make it and has 4 elemental attacks at her diposal (counting ice from merc and phys from Valk)

CS/LS/JAB javazon. (lv 77, act 4 hell) Fun but DANGEROUS. Needs a good damage spear (javelin) though. Only started to "rock" when a friend gave me a Demons Arch unique Balrog spear. (to use with JAB against LI's - the lightning skills worked fantastic all the time, even with a cracked jav)

Immolation zon. I have to admit, I only started to build her after I traded my Kuko, but even up to lv 33 (Kuko req lv) she was fun to play and EA does rock at low levels. Adding a HF merc and Valkyre currently. Immo at lv 29, EA at 26. Currently testing GA/MS/Strafe ( at lv 6 thru items) to see which one I like more. She is lv 77, act 2 hell. Probably the most fun so far, as she does have the best items.

Fun, but only in the shape of a supporting character: Singing barb: Max BO, Max Warcry. Stun them for 5 sec, lower their AR, whack away. Dependend on a big weapon (don't have yet - lv 64, act 4 NM). Would be best with another barb around who provides BO wgile the Singer maxes warcry and synergies. Kills thru shouting. Its fun to see Eldrich die by the power of me warcrying at him :lol:


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Inferno sorcy. Max inferno, warmth, and fire mastery. Put a bunch in static. Do whatever you like for fire immunes. Find a two-socket staff with +3 inferno and make Leaf. Level 29 inferno... funny stuff. Best of all, you don't have to worry about five people in your game having the same build ;)

Of course, you'd be close to the action, and with Leaf, you'll have no shield... so you'll die :D But still, it's fun!


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Kicksins are lots of fun and very easy to play untwinked. The nicest part about them is that you can develop the build in pretty much any direction you want after putting 20 points in Dragon Talon. You can go traps, elements, blade fury, venom... whatever you want (people say venom doesn't work well with DTalon, but actually it's not bad at all, it's just that they expect poison to stack, which it doesn't).

The only drawback to kicksins is the high Str/Dex investment required, which can make them somewhat fragile in HC. Perfect rubies and other "ghetto" life gear can alleviate this somewhat but it's still more of a risky build than most... depends how adventurous you are! :)


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Funniest char thus far played: frenzy barb. When finished with untwinked hc spearazon (without any additional sp in a/d/e) i will try a throw-barb and daggermancer.


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couple of things about inferno

Fun yes :) Close to the action no. High lvl Inferno give you some range, so your merc and other people will be tanking for you.

It also does no damage in Hell with synergy + mastery :( But I got a lot of laughs from other people :)


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The most fun build I've done are these ones (both untweaked (I think...))


Barbarian with Insight staff, max vitality... Only goal statwise/gearwise :D

max warcry, max BO, max Concentration (due to it having BO-synergy), add some to Berzerk, and max (holds breath) Mace mastary! Yes, it works with staves! :D

Thing about staves are that in normal, they have crapish damage, but that's where the insight-property comes in! Meditation + warcry will take care of ppl in normal/nm, and try to get an exceptional/elite staff ASAP! These babies have approximatily same damage as the elite pole arms, but with stat requirements of max 60 str or dex ^^ Check it ourself!

Strategy is quite simple.. Warcry to stun, battle cry to weaken, then bash away... When stun is away, warcry some more ^^

The other is an abbot, there's a great thread about it, but here's a resume:

Max Prayer, 1 point cleansing, stock up PDR and MDR and do whatever :D

I choose to have holy bolt + Fist of the Heavens... GREAT healer, GODLIKE undead-killer! Add an insight and you'll have godlike healing abillities :D about 60 hp regeneration to whole party + holy bolt is neat :)

Hope that helped you out a bit ^^


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lol ima post anyways. my favourite untwinked hc would have to be an fc bear, works well if u can get a fast weapon.


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Are you people Googling these thread totals or something, or do you honestly scroll back like 400 pages of former posts to find one?

Just wondering if there's something we can do to alleviate this.


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I thought of that, and the only thing he could have searched for that would have brought this up is "untweaked", which seemed weird to me as I hear untwinked much more often around these parts.

Technically he could have searched this forum for "character" but I doubt that would have front paged a thread from four years ago and the other words are too short.



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Inferno is bugged and only does 1/3 of the damage it's supposed to. Which is a pity, because I'd love to make an flamethrower sorc.

Daggermancers I find are agonizingly slow to play, not to mention fragile.

Cleric paladins are always appreciated in hardcore I would imagine, and seldom seen anywhere. They're also impossible to solo, unless you're doing pindle runs.

The staff barb is a fun idea, but the most common variant uses (ideally) an eth upped zod'd ribracker, or similar high damage staff. It makes a surprisingly good beatdown weapon.

Of course, the most absurd, balls to the wall build, especially in hardcore, has to be the Die Facet-Werewolf. No question. Not even the titan sorc can compare.