Ned the Necromancer - HC/P8/NoMods/LiveStream!!


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Hello everyone!!

I usually use to find more people within the single player community, idk why I've never thought to post here!
I see many threads here about road to 99, and that shows a lot about the people that use this site.

Anyways, I've started this necromancer and would love if you guys could check it out some time or drop a follow on twitch to continue following the progress!

<removed by moderator> <- Twitch link to watch the progress!

If you do follow, don't be shy. Drop in the chat and let me know you're watching!

Thanks guys, look forward to meeting some of you.
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So Diablo mauled everything around me... Good think he couldn't hit me

That being said, I need some better gear.

Time to MF!!

I will be playing for a couple hours.

Pics of the W/T are being posted on the d2jsp link in the original post if anyone's interested!

Stream going live!


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You are free to post here, but please don't keep directing people to competing sites or I will rule it as advertising and process accordingly.


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Is twitch a competing site?
I won't address jsp anymore I guess, didn't know that was an issue.
Just trying to reach out to a new community is all.
Lmk, thanks.


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you might want to start with reading the forum rules ;) that site you now mentioned twice is not so popular among some people here.

Welcome to the forum though, and good to see that someone is taking the time to document his/her progress through a twitch stream. Always good to see other people play.


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After a crazy long, grueling fight diablo is dead.
I had to go revive my armies prob 6-10 times lol.. The key was having my clay Golem on one side of Diablo and Waheed on my other side.

Running through act 5..

Level Update : 37
Quest Update : Act 5, Quest 2

Watch Live :

Going Live Now!!


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Good fun! If you've never tried Confuse, I highly recommend it. It wont help with bosses, but it's like a cheat code in a spell.


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Found these, however I don't think I'm keeping them

My Corpse Explosion was better than yours :p

I was honestly extremely surprised that this went as smooth as it did.

Ancients had me nervous, and they literally didn't kill any part of my mob at all..
** I didn't get a +1 level from the quest either? I was level 44 going into it I believe. Didn't get a ding.
Baal couldn't have gone better. No clone ( Thanks God ). For some reason the bosses love to beat the shit out of my Golem, so my merc and 6 skellys stayed alive the entire fight!

Time for Nightmare!!

Level Update : 46
Quest Update : Nightmare ; Act 1 , Quest 1

Going Live in 15 minutes!


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Another item that would be awesome if I was just about any character other than this one lol

Meph was easy. Bremm's pack was honestly probably tougher..

This forge was awful as far as drops go

Killing Diablo Next!

Level Update : 65
Quest Update : Nightmare ; Act 4 , Quest 3

Going Live >


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Even in my nightmares, I kill Diablo.

:eek: Holy Upgrade! :eek:

I was extremely pumped when I saw this new wep drop. Still cruising through with my MF gear on.
Afterwards, I got Frigid Waypoint. So yeah, Shenk is dead too :rolleyes:

Level Update : 67
Quest Update : Nightmare ; Act 5 , Quest 2

Going Live! ->
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Gotta love taking away Nihlathak's main attack... Corpse explosion

Baal Goes Down!!!

Conqueror Ned awakens from his nightmare, only to realize he's going to live it now.

Level Update : 73
Quest Update : Hell ; Act 1 , Quest 1

Going Live! ->
( I'm Only 1 Follower Away From Hitting My Goal To Apply For Affiliate on Twitch )
I also wanna thank some of you guys for dropping in the stream and chatting, giving tips, etc.