Nec's getting trash talked


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Nec's getting trash talked

I get shut down everytime I enter a game with stuff like, "WTF you think ur doin, SKellys suck, get revive". or "Why the hell u got a clay golem" etc, etc. Any useful retorts, and why is everyone like this?


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Make some demostrations.

Go play along party and suddenly tp back town in the middle of battle.

See all party members die.

Go back and kill everything that moves and let party get their bodys back.

Play in peace rest of the game.


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Dementia said:
I get shut down everytime I enter a game with stuff like, "WTF you think ur doin, SKellys suck, get revive". or "Why the hell u got a clay golem" etc, etc. Any useful retorts, and why is everyone like this?
A few things....

1) there ARE alot of nine year olds playing that DON'T know sh*t, so don't listen to them...period.

2) Anyone who thinks Skeletons themselves. And should NOT suggest anything to you.

3) If the Moron don't know the SINGLE purpose of Gumby is to slow...then you should laugh at them.

4) Revives ONLY serve 2 purposes, too lag the rest of your party if you max it out...or for the Noobular Nation to use becuse they THINK they know everything(and believe they are truely better than Skeletons)

5) Last but not least.....when in doubt, lag their @ss out.

'nuff said



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They think, that skeletons, which are lvl1 skill naturaly sucks compaired to lvl30 skill, reviews.

They = those who know nothing but ****.

Actually its logical.. But still :)


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In baal runs I always like the idea of using the party and lil 9 yr old sorc's to get me to throneroom faster... then I leave party and CE everything getting uber exp from the group hanging around... Then I graciously thank them for the xp' I exit stage left while they're still b*tchin,.....


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My friend said that skeletons suck and I said, Ok, what other charecter class can clear the WSK in hell naked.

He said "My paladin could"

I Said " Naked?"

He Said " Naked, F that!"

Well a skelemancer could!

Not under an hour, was his retort.

Soooooo. I took Commando's gear off and started my timer as soon as I entered Pindles garden. 45 Minutes later with me not dying at all (Though I got a lucky spawn, Rat men, exploding dudes, and blood lords) I pusrued all the way to Baals Minions of Destruction. This where even decreping them with all 10 skeletons and mages that they regened just too fast. I tried luring them out but ended up cornered and died. So, a naked necro can complete mostly any part of the game except for Lister's group.

Now if you have a merc with prevent monster heal and lifetap the lot, slowly, but surely, they would fall. So it is possible, but only with a strong merc.

I wanna see a naked paladin get that far.



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I posted this yesterday. Check out the arreat summit's necro skills.

To quote blizzard:

"Skeletons can work great throughout Normal Difficulty especially with points into Skeleton Mastery (or a point and +Skill Items). Once you hit Nightmare and Hell difficulty, generally Skeletons will die very quickly. You may wish to, once you hit Level 30, upgrade to Revived Monsters and switch to Revived Monsters and Skeletal Mages."

Let those who believe everything they read remain in the dark, those of us who verify claims for ourselves will kick @$$ in the game and in the real world.


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Killfrenzy said:
BONEWALL THE BASTARDS!!!! i love doing this to jerks!
This will demonstrate nothing, and will only strengthen their antipathy.

Just, say "let's see" and carry on doing what you a best at.

Only if they do something actively to make your life miserable (not merely talking trash) would walling them up be appropriate.


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"when in doubt, lag their @ss out"

I like that :p it rhymes.

It's not the first I hear things like this. I just tend to squelch and get on with what I'm doing.
lol at the newbs

Whoever says skeletons suck hasnt played obviously since 1.09 because my lvl 42 skeletons and 42 skeleton mastery with the help of my gumby and might merc mow down everything. With the aid of amp and ce makes actually a good mfer because he stops at NO boss.

As far as the *ss's that say that stuff. Make iron golems from their drops :), and as was said before, lag them out.