Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0


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Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

*necromonger comes from the riddick chronicle movies with vin desiel

*i like to think of necromonger as a necromancer+warmonger=necromonger.

*this is NOT a (poison) daggermancer using the poison dagger skill.

*NO using summons. NOT a commandomancer. (i will permit 1 pt for clay golem for its slow effect, only exception)
The Necromonger Build:


all or most into str for damage, weapon, and gear. enough dex for weapon.


max bone armor, bone wall, bone prison. 1 pt into amplify, lifetap, decrepify. optional 1 pt into other curses that u want. optional max IM (not sure if bone armor makes IM useless or not. i dont know how the two work together). optional max ce. optional 1 pt into clay golem for its slow effect.


(2h probably-suggested) whatever u want (but no dagger). rare grim sythe pole arm is probably best for looks and its speed and range though weaker damage. steel driver unique mace isnt bad either for a relatively cheap weapon. rare exe sword might be anotehr option. rare lance with IAS woul be anotehr option. i think that mace and axe are slow with the necromancer. But, i cant remember WIAS (base weapon speed) of weapons for the necromancer. any weapon that has range (range 4 or 5 though u can do range 3 steel driver until u get better "end game" weapon with range 4 or 5. range 5 is best of course) and a "fast" WIAS and/or 20-40% (40% is best of course if u can get/find) IAS mod on it with a necromancer.


whatever u want/need (i'm tired of listing items). damage, IAS, FHR, AR, FCR (where/if u can for casting spells like bone armor, curses, etc.), life leech, +skills (where/if u can), and high def gear is what u want/need.


1. hopefully, the bone armor (and its synergies) and high def gear will help make the hits and damage u take not fatal.

2. your curses will help u too for offense or defense/survivibility.

3. u can use bone prison and bone wall to help u as well.

4. with long range weapon (4 or 5) u can attack from behind the safety of bone wall or bone prison at the monster(s).

5. if u maxed ce, it will help with crowd killing.
i havent yet tried this build yet. this is JUST BRAINSTORMING. suggestions, feedback, info, experience, and any type of help is greatly welcomed and encouraged. i need help from you guys/girls.
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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

I am afraid that unlike Riddick it wont kill much, and sonce it has so low resistances diablo will kill him easily :coffee:


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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

Zzz. This is a terrible idea. Right off the bat your build is destined for failure based on the "All Str" qualification you put in place. Health is the biggest factor of any build. Bad health, bad build.

Melee nec's work best, I'd say, at level 20, and here's how:
I picked up a decent lvl 20 cudgel, with 5x damage, 20ias, 7str, ar, and cd. The str. requirement is low on the cudgel, which is a benefit, except that I still have to equip sig plate, but since the cudgel can be equipped before sig gloves, this means that I can plan the str from the cudgel into the build.

Your equipment will look something like. . . .
-Head: 3-sok life mask, 3-sok skulls crown, Duskkeep full helm and Isenhart's full helm on hold
-Weapon: Sexy cudgel described above, or a gg wh with ias, good damage, ar, and maybe some life
-Body: Sig plate. Twitch on hold
-Shield: 3-sok p.skull large shield, Sig shield and Swordback on hold.
-Gloves: Sig gloves, Bloodfist on hold.
-Belt: Sig belt (For 30ias on gloves), or fhr, life, str, res belt with Attacker Takes Damage of __ (atd), Death's belt on hold.
-Boots: Gorefoot, with Treads and Spurs on hold.
-Ammy: Angelic ammy with Nokozan and Cathans on hold
-Rings: One angelic ring, the other stat/life/ar/res ring with Nagelring (mf doesn't matter) on hold.

Your stats will be something like. . . .
-Enough str to equip sig plate (planning ahead for any stats on rings, weapon, belt, gloves etc.)
-Enough dex for equipment (same disclaimer as above)
-All vit

And your skills will be resemble. . . .
-Bone armor
-max Bone wall (synergizes with b.a.)
-Amplify Damage
-1 Clay Golem

The way this build works is a keen focus on returning damage to the attacker. Most all of your equipment should have atd, while your bone armor defends against attacks and your wh/cudgel smashes the skull of your opponent, who remains crippled by curses. Amplify damage can double both the damage you deal, and the damage they take from atd. Cast, cast and recast bone armor when necessary. Good luck dueling :D

I'm not sure if this build is viable in higher levels, and also severely doubt it. It really barely works in lld haha.

Of Excellence and Servitude,


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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0


0. i LOVE weak skills and builds. i LOVE challenges. i LOVE "terrible" builds and trying to prove people wrong by making it into the next cookie cutter for noobs to use and enjoy a new powerful biuld, should i succeed in doing the impossible and making a weak build/skill into a strong build/skill.

1a. my bad, i forgot to mention this is only for pvm. i was not thinking of how to make a dueler/pvp'er for this thread. i apologize for not telling this is only about/for PVM.

1b. though now i got a good build for a low level melee necro pvp'er, if i ever try LLD. thanks:D

2a. I DO tend to like "titan" (max or high damage builds. str for melee. dex for ranged) builds as they are fun despite dying easy.

2b. but the real reason is the necro doesn't have any weapon skills except poison dagger which is not the build i'm brainstorming for. so i need some form of more damage. Though, the curses: amp (100% damage) and decrep (50% damage) DO HELP with damage. but for them to really help i need as much damage as i can get. the only ways to get phys damage with a (weapon) necro is the weapon and str bonus and the mentioned two curses.

3a. a more life/vit build is a second option but the damage will be less. i'm not sure if this will be able to have a chance of killing late in the game.

3b. i DO know about no or low vit builds and all of its difficulties. but i can find ways around this as i got lots of experience with doing no or low life/vit builds for pvm.

3c. ways to hopefully substitute for no or low life/vit:

3c. 1. high def gear
3c. 2. curses (many many useful survivilbity curses like dim vision, attract, weaken, etc.)
3c. 3. bone wall/bone prison
3c. 4. clay golem (only summon i'll allow do to its slow effect bonus/use, but 1 pt only)
3c. 5. resists on gear


1a. ya, i agree with u. its gonna be hard to get resists and all other gear things i need. i dont know how i'll manage to balance its gear needs. so i did this for u guys/girls to hopefully be able to help me with this build, including what gear and gear balance is best.

1b. though i must point out a nice curse skill called dim vision. it is great for dealing with ranged weapon or spell elem monsters.

1c. also terror curse skill and its flee effect would be another option.

1d. also is the attract curse skill as well.

1e. so i got ways to deal with resists thanks to the power of the 10 curses a necro has of using.

2. i LOVE weak skills and builds. i LOVE challenges. i LOVE "terrible" builds and trying to prove people wrong by making it into the next cookie cutter for noobs to use and enjoy a new powerful biuld, should i succeed in doing the impossible and making a weak build/skill into a strong build/skill.
anyways, i'm off to start on this build! i'm excited about trying it and seeing how hard it is or maybe it'll surprise me and everyone and be viable.
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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

Id recommend you to make a poison dagger necromancer, or at least a 1h necromancer. Dont go max strenght. Necromancers need life, they dont have much of it.

If I were brainstorming a melee necromancer, I would probably give him 5+points into life tap (for like 20 seconds of it to regenerate), some points into bone prison and bone shield (I think bone prison is a synergy and gives more life anyway) + 20 pts into skeletons and 20 into skelly mastery. The idea would be to use a high damage battle hammer with 40ias while the enemies would be fighting your skeletons.
A point in amp could help you too, just as a point into corpse explosion.

Battle hammers seem to sound good, because they require only 100 strenght. Alternatively, I would go for other fast 1h weapon (there was this type of swords, that didnt require much damage). I would not try nagas, as your necromancer lacks any +melee dmg skills really (apart from Amplify damage) and nagas have low min/max damage.

I think the resists from mageplate with good stats would be better than the 20 ias from twitch, if you plan to melee, but you would probably have to test that,as the chance to block is imporant too.
I would also select deaths instead of sigon, because the cannot be frozen mod is useful (+30 ias and 15 res).
Basically Id recommend:
helmet - rare (or wormskull for the +1/poison, which stops monster regeneration)
weapon - BH (40 ias)
boots - goblins (some cb) or rares, because necros are slow
angelic amulet + 1 ring, one 9min res ring (if it woudl not work, then 2 angelic rings)
gloves/belt - death's
As for the armor, either twitch or mageplate.

This character would be some sort of melee skellymancer, perhaps able to slowly kill some monsters to get the first few bodies.


why do you start the posts with 0 and then put 1a, 1b, and 2? Cant you write a damn post with bad grammer like everyone else does?
Or at least make the numbers right

[Q] do skellymancers actually work in hell? I had one in LOD singleplayer and he had all the greatest items (like +20 skills), 3+auras and taking out the baal room would take ages for him (not to mention ball itself)


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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0


response to your unconstructive points u made:

0. i am NOT a professional writer. i'm trying my best to do my best AND improve though, but plz be understanding that my posts and threads and guides are poor quality as i have lousy writing and organizing skills.

1a. first, i want to try to make a build that does *NOT* use summons (as i did remember to put it right above the guide part of my post). summon using melee necro is known as a commandomancer. i want to try to make a melee necro with OUT the help/use of summons (except 1 pt clay golem is allowed. i can't bar its slow effect. its too useful). i also said as well i do *NOT* want to make a poison dagger necro (as i did remember to put it right above the guide part of my post). the very first things i put in my post at the top is NO summons and NO poison dagger skills.

1b. plz keep your posts on topic and subject and build. plz don't talk about other builds and skills i said that are *NOT* being used for this build.

1c. i know summons are better than no summons but that's not the point of this post or my build test.

1d. also the poison dagger isn't really a melee as in phys melee build. poison dagger's damage is poison not phys damage. this thread i made is for phys damage melee necro NOT poison and its skill poison dagger.

2a. zero comes before one.

2b. the system (listing numbers letters in front of my phrases) is to better help organize my thoughts to make it easier for u guys/girls to read what i post.
response to the constructive points u made:

(though i already talked about this in my other two posts)

1. the build may very well need vit/life. but it also needs damage. peronsal preference for the person who is gonna try this. u DO have 10 curses to help u manage low life if u go that route and pump str for more damage.

2. life tap is a very good skill.

maybe i am wrong but i thought life tap gives u 50% !!!! life leech in any difficulty. life tap is NOT effected by leech penalties of nm (nightmare) and hell.
response to your off-topic question:

1. fishymancers: skel warriors (and/or +skell mages and/or revives) DO work even in hell act4 hell cs. long as u max skel mast and skel warriors and use +skill gear. also some points into summon resist helps them even more. of course u use amp (100% phys damage)/decrep (only 50% phys damage but u get slow effect too) and ce (maxed or not, depends on u).

2a. however, the act bosses get bonuses to summons which is why they can wipe out all your summons in 1 attack. u'll need some one else to kill act bosses for u or if u solo'ing u'll need other skills to kill the act boss if its possible. or.....

2b. with revives: for hell diablo, some one mentioned elsewhere that the urders have CB and can waste hell diablo.

3. having only skel warriors is probably impossible to kill hell diablo with.
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quick update and observations

sorry warlock about this being a double post but i wanted to add this in.

status on my build:

currently in norm far oasis at char lvl 22. 10 pts into bone armor. 9 into bone wall. 1 pt into amp, teeth, ce, bone spear. all pts into str so far. using twitch, sig gloves and boots, biggins, rare pike (only ~100 damage, need char lvl 25 for more damaging weapons and i only have 45 dex with gear), rare belt (needed FHR and the belt had 24% FHR and i dont have any 17% or 24% FHR boots if those exist so used the sig boots instead of sig belt) (no death sash yet....grr).


(forgot about this when i was writing my first post):

1. even in hell difficulty the bone wall and bone prison (which im maxing along with bone armor. 60 sk pts) will probably keep me safe as i spam it. this leaves me at least 20 sk pts left to max something else, along with also having 1 pt into some curses.

2. AR will/might be a problem since no skill for a phys damage (non dagger and poison dagger skill) melee necromancer. also i'd rather use better rings and amulet than angelics. But, the AR might require me to raise my dex more than i want to (along with wanting to use a grim sythe for the weapon). i'd rather waste as little as i can into dex so i can have more into str for damage.

3. if i am to use a grim sythe (which i'd like to), it needs 140 dex. 140-25 (base necro dex)=115 dex needed. if i get lucky at some point and get a godly grim sythe with -30% req, if my math is right that should drop it down to needing 95 dex. 95-25=70 dex needed. but this is only if i should come across a godly grim sythe with -30% req. so if i want a grim sythe i'll probably need to put 115 into dex (-dex i can get on gear). thats a whole 1x of damage!!!cries... but i do really wanna use a grim sythe!!!! i guess i'll jsut have to lose 1x of damage, oh well, cries some more :p


not sure what to do.

i am leaning towards trying IM (as monsters attack bone wall/prison they do damage to themselves). the other option is maxing ce for crowd killing.

i'd rather stay away from ce since by itself its an incredibly powerful skill and i feel it defeats my entire purpose of making a melee phys damage necro, if i'm jsut gonna ce kill everything.
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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

i would say that im can help,[but would lean towards ce more of course, i am biased :)] if you have strong walls and prisons[will be hard as wall is strong, but i dont know if it can take the swarms of monsters that it draws from even the cracks in the floor, ive always used wall to herd], they can [in theory] kill them selves. it would also work if ur bone armor was 600+ absorb, and u had some decent life, hell, u can always recast bonearmor :) . also i would suggest a point or two into spells such as attract, or confuse helping to either get 1 corpse to aid in low lvl use of ce, or to confuse them into beating each other. using attract [while herding with wall ] on one baddie, then im'ng the rest will help a great deal, i beleive. with this build u are making, i would strongly suggest the use of curses to aid in dispatching monsters, imo it would be required. sounds good, keep us posted and if you are WSCCL, i can help you with deaths, ive got a few laying around :).o yah, lifetap might be the best thing you can do to stay alive when killing diablo/other bosses. good luck and keep us updated.


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Re: Necromonger: The Melee Necromancer. version 1.0

nah, i quit realm play at least for now. though when i was playing i'd play on west server since i'm in west usa (i know it dont matter but jsut like to anyways). i got tired of gear collection and storing...300 mules gets really annoying....

thanks for the generosity, though:D

(maybe some day, i'll mf for death sash, too lazy right now)(i also am missing a lot of other valuable unique and set gear as well)(also havent done the kalims will weapon=this is probably the most powerful cheap-free weapon for low level characters. note that u use the cube-transformed version. the non cube-transformed kalim flail is weak.)

i'm only playing sp right now using atma. its fun. not as presseured or stressed to play and renew accounts like on realm play. only problem is i have to do it solo. no 2 comps. no 2 cd keys. but otherwise its fun so far. jsut takes longer as u got to rush yourself and get the quest items.... also its hard to rush cuz your at low lvl and with the weak builds i am using it makes it very slow going. no mp fast rush experience lvling... by the time i beat diablo in norm i al already past the at the lvl where norm cows dont give experience anymore. where in mp play u go to cows at lvl 20 and speed lvl to 25 (if u got or can get rushed to hell cs) or lvl 30 (if u dont got hell cs rush). than onto nm cows for lvl 30-45. than onto hell cs. but i cant do this in sp with only 1 comp and only 1 cd key. i also miss out on getting enhanced from being in party with other character's and their curses, auras, skills etc..
about necromonger build plans:

i will MAINLY be using my weapon to kill the monsters as they attack the bone wall/prisons. the leaning towards using IM would just give some additional damage to monsters while i work on 1 at a time with my weapon. i know IM is really nerfed in hell from their phys resistance and low damage. IM would jsut be supplemental to my weapon attack killing.

i know CE is best but i really do NOT wanna use it much as it defeats the entire purpose of my build if i'm jsut gonna ce kill everything away than y am i even making a melee phys necro build anyways than.

ya i'll probably put 1 pt into the other 1 pt wonder curses (with the left over pts that i think i'll have. i hadnt counted it up yet)...if i need to..i'm not sure if i do or not, cuz the bone wall and prison spamming might do the job for me without the need for other curses like dim vision or the attract/confusion curses etc..

i have 1 pt into amp so far in the curse tab. i think i will do the 20 into IM. this will actually work well. the 20 into IM will hit all the monsters. than with my lvl 1 amp, i can cast it and it will only change the 1 IM monster into amp monster for me to kill it with my weapon. so this will work good leaving amp at lvl 1 for its single monster range. i MIGHT get 1 pt into decrep and life tap too (maybe, probably i wont need to though so i wont). also probably wont put into dim vision, confuse, and attreact. i dont think i'll need any of these.

i think that the prison/wall spamming, IM, and amp on single monster i'm attacking with weapon will be all i'll need. i don't think any of the other curses are needed with this plan. so right now i do NOT think i'll will put a pt into all these curses: decrep, life tap, weaken, dim vision, confuse, attract=0 pts. after i got the 4 skills maxed (20 into bone armor, bone wall, bone prison, IM) than maybe i'll put 1 pt into the other curses or put into CE with my remaining pts if i ahve any.
in hindsight/reflection:

1. in spamming bone wall/prison it might be hard to move around and kill with melee weapon. in realizing this, using a bow/xbow/throwing (aka ranged phys weapons) and pumping dex (bow/xbow) or str/dex (throwing) instead probably will be better, but that be for another build. i'm gonna see how a melee phys damage weapon necro does. i wanna see how my necromonger fairs in hell and hell cs:D

2. but for who ever wants to try this, i would go with ranged weapon instead of melee weapon (unless u really want to try my necromonger=melee weapon). since the spamming of bone wall/prison will make it hard for u to move making using a melee weapon slow, where as a bow/xbow/throwing u wouldnt have to worry about moving to kill monsters.
on an off topic note:

1. for a comando-mancer (a melee phys damage necro who also have minions fighting along next to them) decrepify is probably best. next is amp. last is life tap.

2. for my necromonger (using bone armor/wall/prison) i think maxed IM and 1 pt amp is best.

3. for poisondagger (or PN caster as well) necro i think terror or dim vision curse is probably best.

4a. life tap probably fits most with a comando-mancer except that decrepify and amp are better for it.

4b. now in party play life tap is really underrated. it can be a REALLY useful skill. life tap gives 50% life leech !!!!!!!!!!!! and this 50% life leech !!!!!!! is UNeffected by hell leech penalties like normal leech from gear is. u will always have 50% life leech from life tap even in hell and hell cs and i'm sure it stacks with life leech from gear (though LL from gear gets nerfed by monster-difficulty). thats really powerful! it should be used much more in mp co-op party playing!!!
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