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*Command Murderess Headless Horsemen

Active: Emerge a coffin beholding a perverse headless clone corpse of yourself and besides the coffin an undying steed for 10 seconds. The coffin taunts near by enemies, and has half of your health.

Passive: After 10 seconds or when the coffin health reaches zero health, the Necromancer instantly Sphion Life into the coffin reanimating your clone headless corpse and steed. Opening the coffin, The Headless Horsemen charges towards you knocking and damaging enemies in its path only to decapitate and hold grapes of your head, then tosses your head back into the coffin and exploding the coffin knocking and damaging surrounding enemies. You then awake with your head reattached to anew body. The Headless Horsemen will remain stampeding enemies for 10 seconds or until you stop Siphoning Life upon the steed. When you summon another coffin, your undying steed will lay rest near the coffin and the Headless Horsemen will return inside the coffin.

*Command Skeleton King

Active: Revive the Skeleton King to fight by your side unleashing his wrath upon the battlefield for 30 seconds

Passive: Skeleton King's soul lingers by your side siphoning essence of your enemies and slowing their movement speed.

*Command Mummy

Active: Unravel your mummies to explode in poisonous gases or immobilize surrounding enemies with the ancient clothes of the dead.

Passive: Every 15 seconds randomly raise ancient tombs buried beneath the soil and sands of Sanctuary to summon the mummified soldiers for every 3 seconds within the tombs.

*Command Succubus

Active: Each succubus channels charm to an enemy with increase movement speed and damage for 10 seconds.

Passive: every 15 seconds a portal from hell is channel by your succubus to recruit another succubus. Can have total of 3.

*Command Skeletal Dinosaur (Maybe a rune for another ability)

Active: Charge at an target

Passive: Emerge a Skeletal Dinosaur.

*Command Grim Reaper (Maybe a rune for another ability)

Active: Cleave at targets to cause damage and apply bleed damage

Passive: The Grim Reaper overlooks you and follows your every footsteps leaving corpses for every 3 seconds.

*Curse of Tristram

Curse your enemies to imprison each other and set themselves on fire while running in fear.

*Trauma (Another version of Curse of Tristam)

Curse your enemy with trauma causing your enemy to either be confused, stunned, fled, or knocked back.

*Chess of Death/Checkmate (Maybe a rune for Curse of Tristram)

Curse your targets to lock their movements in a chess like style.

*Fresh Meat

Pick up a corpse on the ground with your scythe and swing it at a target damaging upon impact, generates essence per toss. Corpse still usable.


Cleave into an enemy with great force of your scythe damaging and sending the target thrown right over you, generates essence.

*Pile of Corpse

Lay the collective corpse of your enemies to be used by your other Necromancer skills. Lay 10 corpse.

*Prince of Darkness/Undying Cloak/Morning Fog of The East

Call forth a shrouded fog upon the entire region allowing the Necromancer to remain cloak for 15 essence every second. Cloak is broken when you attack or when you become hit. Some ability may not break cloak. The Fog last for 30 seconds and cloak can be toggled on or off.

*Bone Prison

Swap positions with an enemy by constructing an elevator made of bones to burrow you and the targeted enemies into the ground. You then randomly/decided to swap positions with an enemy then emrging everyone to the surface. The remaining targets are left in a prison cage for 3 seconds.

*Bone Wall (Maybe a rune for Bone Prison)

Quickly raise a deadly structure wall of bones knocking enemies back causing bleed damage and thorn damage.

*Electric Chair (Maybe a rune for Bone Prison)

Construct a electrocution chair to strap nearby enemies and cause lighting damage from the bones of corpse from your enemies.

*Traumatic Blood Bath

Channel a stare into the eyes of your enemies causing severe internal trauma, and gradually shocking your enemies to a standstill within 3 seconds. Blood then start gushing to ooze out and spill blow the soil of your enemies causing bleed damage for addtional 3 seconds. Now the sinking swamping soil of muddy blood below your enemies are slowed. Spawns of leeches thirst in the blood bath until it is dry for additional 3 seconds. Plumped leech restore essence/health to the Necromancer or can be used for other abilities.

*Jar of Tar

Toss a jar spilling tar onto your enemies. The tar react to the necromancer abilities either evaporating into poisonous gas, igniting into bursting flames, or cementing into solidifying liquids.

*Death and Decay (Maybe a rune for Jar of Tar or Traumatic Blood Bath)

Emerge boiling tar beneath the soil of your enemies to fry their organs causing death and decay.

*Ancient Skeletal Giant

Call forth a pair of large skeletal hands and arms to drum down onto the ground for 16 seconds causing damage with each beat. The Ancient Skeletal Giant overlooks the Necromancers for each time an ability is cast or a target is attacked. The puppet master will drum onto the ground causing shockwaves, damaging and staggering your enemies. (Similar to the boss in Zelda: Ocrena of Time from the Shadow Temple)

_Other themes I would like added are...

Dinosaur bones
The use of tar
Shrouding fog
Bloody mud
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