[ Necromancer Guides, tips and info ]

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[ Necromancer Guides, tips and info ]

This thread collates several of the most useful threads in the Necromancer forum. Please note that guides already in the strategy compendium will not be linked to here. :bow:


Necromancer Encyclopedia (highly reccomended)

Bone/Summon Necromancer guide

Poisonmancer Guide

PvP bone Necromancer Guide

"Commandomancer" guide (utilises auras)

Skelimancer bible

Gvandale's Poison / Summon Hybrid

Dracoy's Summon/bone PVP



Marrowalks and the Marrowalk "bug"

Trang VS uniques (summoner)

Only post in this thread to suggest new content to add or amendments please.


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My Guide Updated

Updated guide to 7.0, heres a list of changes

Version 7.0 Changes:
~Some basic tweaking
~Strats updated (also changed color of "Things to Aim for" for betting reading)
~Magic finding section
~Links added
~Added info on the Summons Bug in the Wind Druid strategy section
~Added blocking table for you lazy bums ;)

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My recent comp crash destroyed one week of work on the Meleemancer. I'll begin to rebuild that lost week today.


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Same old questions seems to be repeatedly asked despite the posters efforts to disguise or reword the same old questions .

Might be a good idea to amend the top (Please Read before Posting) or something similar to prompt for a search or an effort to search before posting.


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Might I suggest something here to help slow the flood of crap posts we're getting:

Why not make 3 stickies on the top of page one.

Sticky 3: Off Topic Thread.

Then in sticky 1 / 2 you can post the links you have above, but sorted by usefullness.



Most of those questions would still be asked ...daily.:)

It's human nature. We all can be impulsive, especially when we're new or 'excited'. Alot of blokes just wanta to talk about their charater...it's what the forum is for really.

Some will always check guides and stickies (probrably the notorious 10%) and some will always impulsively create threads (probrably around 33%, around here) others will think about their threads a little before posting ( maybe 25%) still others will help maintain the board (around 15% on this board ;) ) and the rest will randomly do this and that...

Aww, that was fun....

Seriously though, maybe we could use another sticky of the nature of "Read before posting"...it will help make the impulsive posters think a bit before hitting the "submit" button wether they read it or not.:wink2:

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Problem is that the thread titles do not attract attention. They should be neon red and flashing.


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There should be a loud buzzer that goes off on the user's machine if they click "create thread" without having the cookie from the stickies in their machine.



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another option would be to make them write there proper adress and then send hitmen to people who constantly ignore stickies etc.


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noob questions

i am a noob at necros.. i just started new one...
i have a new questions... i was jsut reading angst stats and skills...ect... i was wondering... why would i put a skill in all the curses if i won't uses half of them... anything question is why use clay golem instead of fire golem? the fire golem is actually imune to somthing.. unlike the clay.. plus the clay does less dmg then fire and has lower hp.. just to tell u again.. i ma a total noob to a necro.. so u can laugh all you want =D please help me!!


Goodforyou welcome to Necros.:wave:

Your post would have been much better suited in Angst's guide thread, this thread is intended to be limited to posts concering guides and stickies overall not really meant to be a Q and A type of deal like the bulk of the forum.

If post your same questions in Angst's thread, another guide thread or simply make a new thread asking your questions, they will be answered, I guarantee.;)