Necromancer Beta starting soon!


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Wait. I want to try the "finished product". And put time into a character I can keep longer term.


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I will also wait since a season 10 are running think in a way its bad timing, but who know if I got a invitation to test, maybe I will change my mind. I think that dacar92 has a point to wait for the "finished product". I have try to be "tester" in Diablo II and to tell the truth it was a nightmare


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I played the Beta for a good 4 weeks or so, they didn't take any of the feedback that was really good as advise. Be Prepared to be underwhelmed with the release version of the Necro ... It has 2 sets that are functional, but the rest are garbage, the Passives really are bland, and the D3 version of the Necro is nothing compared to the D2 one.. Ill be getting it but I expect the Bnet forums are going to blow up on the release date...