Necro strat/gear for a Fishymancer


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Necro strat/gear for a Fishymancer

Dear all.

I have read the original fishy strat posted in these forums.

Since it does not discuss the relevant hatch, could you please help me with following?

1. Gear: (High cost stuff is not a problem)
2. Stat distribution
3. Skill distribution.
4. Most efficient merchant + his gear

I would like to use mages to some degree, -I think that would be the main difference from the main fishy guide in this forum.

Appreciate your help.


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I will assume you're using him for magic find and will suggest accordingly:

1. Gear
War Travs
Maras, +3 summon with mods, or a rare
Rings as you need, have 2 bks or sojs for summoning army initially. I go with nagels once my army is up and running. I rarely have to resummon much unless I hit a bad patch of oks and cant safely tp on top of them.

You might also swap in a wizard spike for hoto after summoning along with a touch of fcr to get over the breakpoint for teleing around. I personally manage with or without it, I'm trying hoto presently. I notice very little difference in speed either way. With the hoto, I can avoid swapping to resummon the mages that die constantly.

On switch I have a aokl and another homunculous.

In inventory, I carry a baba for the bosses and SUs.

2. Stats

Strength]Just barely enough str to get into gear. If you'repatient, you dont need any. It's no fun waiting to get everything set up, so I usually spend about 25 points here early on and rely on items for the rest.

If using homunculous, take advantage of the block. Have enough dex with gear to be maxed at 75 block. Take into account what you plan to use in end game and don't spend pts you dont need.

Vitality All the rest.

3. Skill Distribution
I personally go with 20 skel, 20 skel master, 20 skel mage, 10+ dim vision and then about 10-20 in CE. I'm still playing with CE and Dim vision to see where the sweet spot is. Dim vision is so vastly useful at seriously high levels that I like it as high as possible. Don't underrate high CE either.

Every other skill gets 1 pt. Don't buy fire golem. I buy skills as follows roughly:

4x raise skeleton, then 1 pt skel mastery and repeat until done. Buy CE when it comes available but leave it until you finish raise skeleton and skelton mastery. Get clay golem and 1 pt of golem mastery. Get down to decrepify when it comes available. THEN I get dim vision to 10. Then I get CE to about 10.

NOW, you can begin to play around. Make sure you get a point in summon resist and get a point in revives at some point later. Have a ball with mages or pump CE and dim or a mix of both. A massive CE raidus will save your butt someday as will a large Dim Vision.

I am TRYING maxed mages this time around. Just restarted so we'll see. They are EXTREMELY fragile. You can certainly bypass them altogether and just make them a 1 point wonder. I just decided to try them because I found maxed dim vision was almost too much for anyone to need after another 7-12 + to all skill levels. But, on the other hand, a high dim vision makes gloams the easiest mobs on earth.

4. Mercenary
No question, act 2 nightmare offensive (might merc). Nothing else makes sense. Possibly you could use an act 5 and give him a beast and some other nasty axe. I've never used an act 5 so I dunno how they work in that regard.

Anything else on this guy is just gravy.

I personally use a guillaime's face for the CB and an eth bramble (just for fun) when I can get it. Eth Arkaine's is also decent. Really, it doesn't matter. Add a CB armor if you are bored. Don't be afraid to sink some resists onto this guy. Accept that you will be rezzing him reasonably often if you go into OK territory.

For a weapon, use either an insight (my choice since I cannot stand running out of pots teleing around), an 30s eth tomb reaver with 3 amns (add a couple ists if you're insane). This guy won't be killing much after there's a body on the ground.

My view on the merc is that even with pgem equipment I notice very little decrease in killing speed so there's no good reason to dump much here.

5. Exceptions to this
If you want to do ubers, you'll need to change out a few things.

You'll want a cta, spirit, spike, beast in inventory after summons done and some serious toys on the merc.

6. Bottom Line
There's very little way to screw this up. My first fishy had over 100 pts in str, like 125 in dex and like 750 total life at level 93. A min-maxers disaster. He barely topped 41 summon skelly skill at his best. And he would go months without dying in hundreds of solo baal runs. Even if you screw this build up, you can't screw it up.

The one thing you must NOT do is fail to have enough CE and Dim Vision (or attract if you're one of those that favor that). Those are the skills that make this build work once you have skeletons that can get a body on the ground.


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I am ever so grateful for this fantastic guide. I have taken all points into account, and will present you my result once reaching lev 80+

Once again, thank you for taking your time answering in such a descriptive way.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in return!



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do not forget to use chance guard chain gloves for more MF. i saw there was no suggestion for the glove slot.


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I forgot the magic find part =/.

You can take the very acceptable suggestion of chance guards and do quite well with it. Add 40 mf to the below numbers if you do.

I prefer using trang's claws for a boost to dim vision and 25fcr while Teleing to throne is big if you are near the break.

With enigma, good travs, a decent gheed's, 2 nagels, shako, several 7mf scs, ptopaz in everything, and a baba in inventory (2x ist is good) to put on once I start clearing minions - I easily hit well into 400-475 MF.

You can get way over 500, but then you start to slow down a bit swapping things around.


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Kudos to Zarniwoop for an excellent miniguide!

I tend to like having skellie mages around. Sure they die a bit, but more meat shields and their poison lasts forever so they're dead useful (pun intended) for preventing monster heal for long periods of time. Gives you a chance to tp out and get a few more Urdars (or whatever they're called with their crushing blow) so Baal doesn't heal up while you're gathering.

I tend to not max Dim Vision, don't get me wrong, it's a great one pointer but the +skillers should be enough to give you good radius. I also deviate in only putting one point into CE, again for the same reason. This is a personal decision because I'm more of a passive player (well, I throw a lot of curses around, but usually my necro is standing there whistling some mindless tune, trimming his nails and waiting for the skellies to kill everything in sight).

Luckily the fishymancer has lots and lots of skill points left over so after the basic build (max skellie, max skellie mastery) we can argue ad infinitum over the variations. Max CE (or not), Max Golem Mastery (or not), Max a favorite curse to increase radius effect (or not). Of course, put the obligatory 1 point into prereqs (teeth for CE), those curses you actually use (decrep & amp dam are mandatory - I like one point into each), gumby, blood golem, iron golem, revive, summon resists.

Many of my Hard Core friends like a beefy Bone Armor. Put one point into it and then buff up the synergies (Bone Wall / Bone Prison). You get more bang for your buck putting points into the synergy than actual points into bone armor (15 versus 10). Note that with a decent blocking shield (esp. Homuc), having a decent quick block is often useful. Plus I just like to hear that "Clank" sound when my necro blocks something.

I'm also 'wierd' in that I like to keep my original Act 1 quest merc. Yeah, I know, Auras are cool! I'm just being stubborn. Also with V1.11 there are a lot of new runewords that are pretty cool for a bow. I've been using Edge + Bramble for a massive thorns or many use Faith + Bramble for the additional killing speed. Whatevery floats your boat. I'm not wild about the cold aura bow (Ice), though as frozen bodies fracture and don't leave corpses. Most people use the Might Act 2 Merc.

I'm finding that each of the curses have their own unique and fun uses depending on the tactical situation you face so feel free to experiment and have fun!

Good luck and good hunting!


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Ah, someone who went down the thorns aura way. I was trying for that but being untwinked, I got a might merc in the end as killing speed was too slow. I take it you also need Bramble for the effect to be felt, or would one of the items be sufficient? What are your experiences with the thorns aura?


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I use might aura.

Thorns aura is pretty useless. I just get it for fun and a touch of utility via bramble when there's just HORDES of mobs. It really doesn't matter what you put on the merc other than some crushing blow to get bosses down faster, some resists if you want. I just killed hell baal 2 minutes ago at level 78 and my merc has like rattlecage, some random weapon I found at level 40, and a plain helm. It just doesn't matter.

All these items just smooth some edges.

Insight is my weapon of choice because teleporting blows my mana out something awful.

And marrowwalks are very nice boots. They just aren't needed if you're a mfer (or at all really).


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One addition.

If you max mages you can play with infinity on the merc.

But, again, it's really not important. You will be doing all the killing with CE except for the bosses where CB will be doing the killing while you watch.


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on any of my fishies I have always had the best results using my merc as my crushing blow source....

Even with a might merc (might aura), beast carried after prebuff with AOKL (fanat), and a pride IG (lvl 20 concentration) killing hell baal on P8 takes CB to do even remotely quickly.

As such, getting my merc to ~50% CB is a must. Duress armor, and infinity will do it for the expensive crowd. I also like v.gaze as well for DR and LL combo. For the budget, guillihume's helm + kelpie snare (total baal ****er), and a high LL helm (tal rasha, crown of thieves, etc all work well) Leech, normally a very tight issue with mercs is less relevant due to lifetap curse option. Also, with all the army about your merc takes less abuse period. A normal baal run is something like this (if going for baal and not MF'ing WSK)

1. raise army in pindle's garden w' prebuff items and from pindle's team if you run out of corpses in the garden.
2. WSK waypoint and tele to baal
3. your army, amp dmg, and CE decimate the waves of minions
4. Tele right next to baal with army and cast decrep
5. let merc CB baal's health faster than any damage possibilities
6. army damage will finish baal fast when CB slows down (mathmatically speaking)

Just my pair of cents....