necro question


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necro question

as am making my first necro i got questions
1) is bone or psn better overall dueler
2)block needed? (spirit or ss)
3)gear suggestion maybe
4) general life on block/non block
5) expensivnes on items :(
6) when ppl stack psn res to the sky, how is with pnova dmg?
7) average dmg and how is it dueling world with that dmg?


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1)not sure which is better. i think ppl will probably say either bone or that it varies.
2)block is alot more necessary for fighting melees, vita for dueling better with casters
3)ok no clue here lol. never made a boner. you may want to check the mouldy tome section and look for pvp bone builds though
4)sorry no clue here on this one either =(
5)just depends on how much you want to invest really =)
6)i dunno i think if they do that, you're screwed lol. but if they do that, it's kinda noobish in a way, as opposed to using skills instead of just stacking resists like mad
7)again no clue =(

again i've never made a boner, or even a psn pvp (but i'm working on one =D ). so i wouldn't suggest listening to me lol. i'm just throwing this up there to give you some basic help. soon enough somebody who knows boners pretty good will be by =)


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1) Bone. Tele tele, hold down Bone spirit. Poison is more suited against melee duels (don't try poison duels against far cast or fball spammers, you can hit windies hard though since their cyclone armor won't stop poison from going through) but you will hate getting close to any melee char.

2) Max block with SS is needed against melee, against casters stick with spirit. Both shields need alot of str though. An alternative to make max blocking with SS easier, use a ELD rune which increases the blocking rate by 7% ! Or you can hel the SS and make the str lower.

3) See pvp guides.

4) See pvp guides.

5) Again as above.

6) Be worried if they have Death's glove.

7) Never tried a real boner and pvp psn is too expensive (DW !)