necro mf fishy wsk how?


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necro mf fishy wsk how?

hi guys due to my one of me accnt being hacked i need to mf again to remake a pvp char and i made a fishymancer for wsk/pits/cows farming however i do not understand how it can run wsk with ease

currently my skele is maxed as well as mastery
i intend on the following

max ce
max skele
max mastery
max golem mastery
rest wherever / summon res

im using this gear
shako topaz
duel p nagel
homo diamond
war travs
+2 necro skiller with some res

the problem i have is gettin first few corspes, i currently bought a nm offencive merc for might aura he dies real fast, he is holding insight atm so i can ce and cast without worrying about mana

my skele really doenst kill fast enuff in hell esp wsk, the only way i can kill is ce and doing baal throne room is really hard and slow

gloams kill all me skele mite i add

has anyone succeeded in making a wsk runner with necro??
any advice in doing so, i need a fast wsk runner to make some wealth

Eilo Rytyj

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Two words: Dim Vision. It turns Gloams into piles of nothing. When they are blinded, they don't shoot their lightning, simple as that. They'll use their melee attack instead, which is pathetic.

Do the same thing to monsters that revive others, like Shaman. They'll stop reviving, allowing you to kill the little ones.


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Does DIM Vision also stop the Oblivion Knights from casting IM?

For matchuk, a couple of suggestions:

1. Try going to A1 area to kill easy and get maxed minions b4 doing WSK (takes 1min)
2. If merc is dying - try to get him to maxed resists and make sure he has a source of life leech
3. Try to get summon resist to over 60 with all +skills added in
4. Try using mages and revives as well. The extra bodies help reduce the damage focus on the others.
5. You can also make an insight iron golem :)

Just some thoughts. I can do WSK in single player very easily with this strategy. Even w/o using CE at all - takes a while but easily doable with little skelly death too.


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well i give it a try..

1. start off from pindle.. summon skeles and even the mages to prevent the masses to rise (its also free starting army)
2. dimvision works try it (i use enigma and maxed res so there is no prob)
3. revives.. they own prettey mutch everything everywhere
4. insight on a merc when running & lvling great for the mana, but you really need it in eth cv or something to do some dmg. also ll&res is needed in small amounts :rolleyes:
5. dont forget attract&terror .. they help alot when needed (both have their uses, try and learn!)

there is only one thing i cant understand.. why did you max out golem mastery? they do almost nothing (xept slow for gumby) and he can be recasted 8if he ever dies)..

there are easyer areas than wsk for summoners. when i started my 1st ladder character it was summoner and i did this:

pit 1&2

there is no need for res out there (or hardly) and they are kinda easy to find and provided nice army (atleast pindle @ the start of the run)

hope i helped atleast some :wink2:

Mad Mantis

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There is actually a guide for running WSK with a Fishy. Nightfish wrote it.


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First off, is your guy nekkid or what? :shocked: I see no mention of his body armor.

Enigma is great if you have the items to trade for it (or the runes, at any rate), the teleport makes WSK so so so much easier. But Enigma is NOT an absolute necessity.

If you have the patience to go slowly, you can get by with Ist/PT Skulder's, which actually provides higher MF than Enigma. Just remember the rules: go slowly, know the tricks for finding the next level (cf stickied guide on maps), and unless you already have gozu LR, bail out of the level ASAP if you see gloams. By the way, remember that you can go up to WSK I as well as down to WSK III and the Throne Room.

Why waste points in Summon Resist beyond 2-3? Next time dump them into Revive or Mages. Also, we are assuming you have the usuals like Amp and Decrep.

What's your guy's switch items? If you wanting a cheap boost to kill speed, strongly consider Edge (TirTalAmn) in a cheap bow. Thorns isn't much but it's better than nothing.

I ran WSK with my fishevangelist for quite a while in this way before I got an Enigma, and when I followed my own rules, I did fairly well for myself.

If merc kill speed is an issue, try this: YOU keep Insight on switch for fast mana regen and let merc use something like a Bonehew or an Obedience.


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I find that Life Tap really helps you get those first few corpses. In fact, i always use life tap, unless I run into a PI monster, that's when I either lower resist or decrep it. Try life tap to get those first few monsters and load him up with lots of crushing blow, resist, and a decent weapon.


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sorry guys i do use enigma
im maxing golem mastery cos i want a strong iron golem to make from crushing blow items as well as strong clay golem when hitting baal, mebbe later ubers

hmmm i dont use revives much i might

the reason i made this necro was to run wsk, my old hammerdin owned pits and after a while pits gets boring

i think my main problem is skeletons dont deal enuff damage even with might and amp dmg and almost lvl40 skeleton so i can start a chain of ce

ill give dim vision a go thanks for the advise


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A little tip for people having trouble getting their first skellies:

DO NOT get the Halls lvl2 waypoint. THis leaves the red portal by anya open. Go in enroute to Pindle and use all the corpses to make your skels and mages.


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themachine said:
A little tip for people having trouble getting their first skellies:

DO NOT get the Halls lvl2 waypoint. THis leaves the red portal by anya open. Go in enroute to Pindle and use all the corpses to make your skels and mages.
i tought that portal colses only when you kill nikatha, not just getting the wp.. and i think there is no worrys about killing nikatha by accident :rolleyes:

tho remeber this: you can get the Q done just by standing in town when someone else kills him/her (dont know what :undecided: ). this happened to my nec. no worrys tho cause i now use him to run keys & ubers :thumbsup:


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Undead!!

Actually, I usually start off my WSK run by pushing up the drawgates in Harroath then walk out the castle door. There's 3-4 corpses lying right there in front so I'll summon skellies then amp everything in sight. Usually there's some silly barbarians running around here so I let them and the skellies kill things and then summon off those corpses. Usually after a few minutes, I've maxxed my skellie army out and then I head off to WSK land. I've been a big fan of having both skellies & mages. While walking around WSK, I'll pick up revives for fun and I usually always walk to the right (which usually leads me to the next level down).
I actually don't use CE much if at all. I really should, but always forget. I'm too busy looking al everything that drops during the WSK run. I usually amp everything in sight and then decrepify bosses or champions. For the Throne, I'll amp everything except those minions (decrep them). Revive as much as you see fit and voila! you're facing Mr. Baal. Hit him with gumby and decrep and it's very amusing to see slow action motion. For Baal, I typically do two fireballs, then meteor (rinse and repeat for 3 cycles then renew that decrep curse then repeat process). The entire Baal run usually takes me 10-20 minutes give or take. Dim Vision for those gloams and decrep for any frenzytaurs and you're ready to rock and roll!

good luck and good hunting!