Necro Iron Golem


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according to Arreat Summit, the damage for two handed weapons doesn't transfer to an Iron Golem.

Does that mean that for things like swords it will register the one hand damage instead of the two? Anyone know how that affects two hand only weapons like spears?

Does Iron golem benefit from 2h weapon I want to make a very hard hitting golem so I need to know if i use 1h or 2hweapon for max damage


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Not sure if you found the answer or not but I'll will try.

Arreat Summit is a bit outdated, but a good source for the very basics.

Only the barb can dual wield 2h swords! Iron Golem does not get a choice. 2h dmg for 2h wep and same goes for 1h weps.

Most necros will opt for Clay Golem(tank) or Fire Gole(DMG). Iron Golem isn't going to butcher mobs of baddies....
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