Necro In Need Of Help


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Necro In Need Of Help

Hi, I am completly new to the game, and seeing the game for quite some time I've always wanted to play Necromancer!

Many people are telling me to go completly bone and nothing else, but I would like a build where I can summon (skeleton or golem, either or) and still use bone skills, to be effective in PvM and PvP.

Anyone have a build like this (I saw the marrow walk thing, but that's no longer existing)?


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Just look through the threds for necro builds. There are all sorts, and depends on what you want him to do as to how to build him. There are a lot of cookie cutters that can actually be very strong on the tail end. My suggestion would for to you do a lot of reading and then just play. Play with groups so you can get a sense of what that is like. If you are ever unsure of how to spend your points as you lvl up, I have found it best just to save them. You are better off being weak for while than wasting several skill points on a skill or skill tree that becomes worthless to you.
just talk to people on the boards or in game. Most will be willing to be patient with you. Don't expect handouts, but sometimes you may get them anyway. I am prone to dropping lots of gold on the younglings just because they can go buy things and it feels like Christmas. Also I have been in games that someone helped me lvl up and then dropped off super rare stuff for me. I could not give them anything in return, and I didn't have to. I just do the same for others. Like Karma i guess.

Oh yeah since I regressed so badly, You say you want to make a summoner. Then do it. There are bone necro's, and summoners, and poison, and all sorts of hyrbids... Just make the character you want. After all it is your game.



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sigh...this is gunna take a little of explaing...kinda...

first off completely new or returning...???
second have you checked out the moldy tome...necro guides...i think thats what its called :undecided:

bone necros are fun...but u cant really hybrid anything else or the bone skills become low of damage...but i hear u could do all the poison skills maxed then max skellies and skelly mastery...4 a good hybrid..i guess...havnt tried it...or u could go straigh summoner and i personally LUV my fishymancer...thats what they usually go by...theres a guide called fishymancer...check it out if u like for iron maiden...meh is ok 4 pvm(if not usless) but i hear it owned pvp ... but im not much of a pvper

hope i helped...i tried :grin:

and yes marrow bug does NOT work


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Skelliemancer is prolly best starting character, because u can pat him practicaly nekkid.


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welcome to the forums.

try looking at the stickies on top of the main ofrum page for the necros.

i'd suggest the fishymancer guide, as you can have a golem and skellies since this is your first build.

i wouldn't put much heart into just going P/B and nothing else, since necros are normally weak and need protection. with a fishymancer, you'll get that


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For a First char, I would make a skelemancer, see the post above mine for a guide.
The skelemancer can kill everything easily/cheaply.
For pvp, A PnB is better but they can be expensive to play well i.e Enigma etc.
I suppose you could make a hybrid, get some skeles, and then use Spirits, but im not sure what the damage would be like.

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Bitnerd said:
Anyone have a build like this (I saw the marrow walk thing, but that's no longer existing)?
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew and feel free to raise some corpses.

Unfortunately the Bone hybrids took a big beating with the demise of the Marrowwalk bugand are really hard to play. The easiest would be a Bonemancer with Revive back-up.