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Necro Help

So my necros pretty decent. LVL 74
Act 2 Hell

Hes got

Summoning tree
20 RS
20 SM
1 in everything else, except 0 in fire golem, and 5 in resist

Poison/Bone tree
1 teeth
20 CE

6 amp damage
1 Decrepify, and all the prerequisites

Eth 2os Ali Baba
+1 summoning skills unravveler head
Arm of king leoric on switch
4os armor with pgems
+3 Summoning skills ammulet

Merc has decent armor, Guilleme's face (sp?) and a mediocre insight runeword.

My question, is what can I do to improve? i was considering respecing to make a tank Iron Golem with insight, so I can keep the aura and upgrade my merc gear.
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Re: Necro Help

Well first thing that comes to mind might be get revive. It's worth the extra point you would spend in Blood Golem. (You did say 1 in everything else, but I'm guessing without blood golem there's no revive, so...). 1 point with the +skills can net you quite a nice number of revives, especially useful for bosses but can also make nice tanks in case you need them.
If you want to switch your merc gear, you might consider getting Infinity as his weapon and get Max RSM. In that case, you'll need Lower Resist as well.
Other usefull things: get the AI curses. Attract and Dim Vision can really save your skin and prevent your army from getting butchered.

Then again, from your gear and level I'm guessing you're not playing on /players 8 and you're MFing alot, and for that you only need one corpse and CE. With that in mind, I think RSM is the only good way to increase your damage substantially while not needing more +summoning skills.

PS: I don't trust Golem Tanks and for a fishy, Insight isn't really that critical anyway. I'd hate to waste runes on that, considering you might get killed from a couple of stray lightning bolts and loose the golem. Or he might just get hit by a boss and go to the scrapyard.


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Re: Necro Help

ohh, snap sorry, Messed up, Dont have fire gollem. I have resists, their useful, but I never find myself using the total amount I can, so im thinking respect to one point, plus skills grant about five, which is good.

And the Infinity coupled with RSM option is something Ive heard good things about, but alas, Im not exactly wealthy enough to get anywhere near close to that. As it stands, the best rune ive managed to get is a pul. my MF runs have yet to turn up much thats better then a few pgems or a single mid rune.