Necro Help Plz


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Necro Help Plz

I was thinking of posting this in the Necro forum, but i thought of it as more of a newcomer question.

While MFing i found Trang Armor, Belt and Gloves and i picked up shield for 1 pg, and got headgear for lum, so i was wondering which is the best necro build for the Trang Set?

I've never used a necro before, and have only really played along side one once, so could you suggest:

Where to allocate skill and stat points and
Which other gear would be useful to use

I'm planning to make him a PvM chrcter, on Asia ladder



Banned a new necro player, I would say you have 2-3 options:

Skelly Mancer- Uses all skeletons and curses, and one golem maybe. (and CE)

Bone Mancer- Uses all bone skills (spirit and spear)

Poison Mancer-Uses psn skills and curses

All of the above would be viable with the trangs set. I do think that the psn mancer would get the most out of it.

I understand why you posted here....but this is the perfect type of question to go in the Necro forums. I would go ahead and repost there and let those guys help you out.


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Toader is absolutely right. This is a question for the necro forum. I'm a necro player myself and the forums have been extremely helpful.

I won't try to answer the question because I don't use the trang armor so I havn't tweaked my character for it. Read the skellimancer bible at the top of the necro forum first and then ask the question if you still have it. And we'll see you there.


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1 pg?? i hope that doesnt mean pefect gem, cuz if so ill giv ya 2 for it lol, its worth alot mroe than that, at least on ladder


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lol about 5 mins b4 i signed into bnet my bro said ' you'll never get the shield, you need a good rune'. Seems i had the last laugh