necro guide?


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necro guide?

ok, so since "how do i make a summon necro for mfing the pit, etc" seems to be the most common question that ever existed, i'm just kinda curious if anyone (including the author) still has the guide that went missing with the post wipe. if so, PLEASE POST!!! :D


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Check the ecro forum, lots of good info there! Make sure you take a look at the new Necro Bible!



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Max Skelly
1 Armor
1 all curses
1-5 CE

Personally I like to have Bone spear or Spirit to help kill

1 point golem to Fire if ya want, he seems to live best with only 1 point invested, of get Clay and invest a bit.

Or you can go all out summoner and ket Mages and summons but IMo its wastefull and the Skelly master with BS is a faster more virsital build. This is around 9-11 skelles and 3-10 revives easy depending on +skills, along with a golem and a Merc, Might is best IMO.

All remaining points after getting a CE you like add to Bone Wall for Bone Armor and Spear or Spirit boosting.

Clay Golem can slow things down for you
Fire will attract them to him and away from you
IG is worthless if not pumped and then he still isnt very good anymore from what I hear...matter of fact I dont think i have seen an IG on a higher lvl Necro yet in 1.10

You could alos just forgo Mages and get max skelleis and revives only if you want more bodies. Thise will still allow for points to do other things with.

I use Decrep to control the crowd, once they are unter skelletal control I amp them so they do more damage, and Any bosses in the pack I nail with BS to get rid of aruras faster since you cant actually tell your boney firends "hey not them, get the boss dingbat"!


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yeah, i saw the bible, i just remembered a guide i liked (i think Xey did it?) that was posted a couple weeks ago. i found the old (empty) post, and was just wondering if anyone had saved it...

edit: yeah, i think it was similar to what stinger is saying- max skellie/mast, bone spear, couple in CE, no mages or revives, etc etc etc, but i thought there was more to it than that


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Does anyone max out skelle synergy? I maxxed summon, and almost through mastery. Just wondering where to focus. I have a point in decrep. and attract. thinking about bone shield. Then ,axxing the synergy is that effcient late game for pit? using attract decrep to get the ranged.