Necro for MFing


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Necro for MFing

I got into a debate with a Sorc last night when I told her I was going to be MFing with my summoner (also with Mages Mad Mantis).

Sorc said that necro's stink badly when it comes to MF, and are way too slow compared to a well-built sorc, and that a sorc can have more MF than a necro also.

I told her that a summon Necro could carry almost as much MF as a sorc, because all the minions would be doing the killing, and I would be standing back with the same MF items as a sorc (only not a occy).

Anyway, If I can get everyone's opinion on this, it would be great.



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Sorcs have a tendancy to die while MFing (i've seen much of this), Necs usually don't.

Necros can eat through anything, physical immune or whatnot.

Sorcs in general cannot

Some Random Sorc said:
Damnn Fire Immness!!!


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this is something strange i have come across..

well u knoe now that i think about it, it isnt strange

sorcs can kill act bosses quick then necros can, but if u plan on doing pit runz or wolrd runz, ied say necros are better...

max skel
max skel mast
10 to ce

thats about all u need
maybe max spear for some corpse making..
u have so many extra skills its insane


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I am fully convinced that my Necro's MF ability may be slightly slower than a sorc's however... When facing multiple monsters and boss's minions I gladly take my 10 Skellies and cg and might merc and Don my full mf gear... they hack away and fairly soon... though not instantly I have my treasure trove...

The only problem I find is that;

A. MY MF gear on Ladder is not uber l337 like my non ladder chars
B. I dont' have enough mules for my finds....

Enough said on that.. I think.

Mad Mantis

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HarbingersOfSkulls said:
also with Mages Mad Mantis
Finally somebody who knows how to build a Necro!

Necro's are the jack of all trades. We can do almost anything as well as a purpose designed class. The only thing we are not so good at (although still proficient in) is Melee because a lack of damage increasing skill.

Necro’s can carry a boatload of stuff and still kill everything. Although act bosses take more time. I have to agree on that.


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Silly mages... druids are for kids... er... kids are for dr00ds... er... I'm leaving now...

*runs away!