Necro build help


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Necro build help

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me out im thinking of starting a so called "lord of mages or magi" i am playing 1.09 in single player.

would the corect build be:

20 skeleton mage
20 skeleton mastery
1 into all curses
20 into lower resist
and somesort of golem, dont know which one?
5 in summon resist
5 in corpse explosion

thanks to anyone who posts :thumbsup:


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Check out the skills on Arreat Summit --- you'll see that 1 point in Lower Resist is enough.

Same for Summon Resist.

I have no idea whether it works on 1.09.


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Yes 1 point in both Summon Resist and Lower Resist is good enough. This is very similar to the "Overlord" build.

20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Skeletons
20 Skeleton Mages
1 Golems, Golem Mastery, Revives, Summon Resist
1 Corpse Explosion
1 All Curses

If you are going to take the skeleton mages you might as well take the skeletons for meat wall. Trust me. I used to run an Overlord back in 1.09 despite
all the complainers of the lag I would bring to them online though I did not experience any lag to myself. I could hold my own in 8 player games though not hell cows. I suggest Act 2 Combat Mercenary for the prayer. You will need many +Necro/Summoning skills. When I had one I had a total of 32-35 skeleton magi and another 32-35 skeletons plus 20 or so revives. So I had almost 90 summons with me at one time. Your Skeleton magi with Summon Resist will do most of ur dmg. A good merc wouldn't hurt either. One point, this will take some time getting used to you need to build your army up until u get 40 or so skellies and magi before you can really take on more. Try building your army in easier areas where your merc can produce some corpses.


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O yeah, Iron golem or Blood if you need life are the best. Fire golem is good against Big D (el Diablo). Basic attack pattern would be Lower Resist engage enemey corpse explosion any corpses or use to raise army. The latter is what you will be doing most of the time. The Skellies die alot they dont have much life
but they die to protect ur magi. Remember ur magi are the dmg dealers.

As for Stats

Str - Cliche: Enough for gear
Dex - You will NOT need blocking as you have 90 summons all around you
Vita - 150+You will need this as a last resort
Energy - 75+ Trust me you'll need this. Your constant army raising will drain you very quickly. I suggest Frostburns to help.