Necro advice please


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Necro advice please

I've got a level 82 fishy but his res and defense is weak. The fishy guide says go for shako, hormunculus, AOKL, skin of vipermagi / Arkain's / Enigma etc however it says you should go for +x to summon tree gear as well. My gear is
+3 to summon coronet
+3 to RS +1 SM necro head
trangouls scales )+2 curses)
Seraph's hymn (+2 skills)
Wand with +3 to summon
unique belt with nothing great on it
rings with some res
loads of charms with res to lit / fire so my res are all around zero or neg

I have a skin of vipermagi stashed but i was going for full trangs before - got scales, shield and gloves.

My prob is that i have just started act 5 hell and the skellies are fine but the necro is weak. I have 13 skellies and they are awesome with my might merc. Do i drop the extra +x skills i get from my current gear and go for the shako / hormunculus etc and gain defense and res, or do i stick with +x to skills and risk it.

All i want to do is kill hell baal and get on with a zealot cos i like doing the killing myself instead of waiting for minions to do that for me.

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I started hell with negative resists in everything except Lightning. I did wear a Raven frost to prevent being frozen, but most of the time the only problems I had was the Lightning bugs in Act 2 and the Gloams.

I ended up with 72/75/75/50

I have only 12 Skellies, the merc and the Golem, but I do have 10/11 Revives.

I never meleed so I was only in danger from the ranged attackers, but casting Dim vision saw them off most of the time.

Full Trangs is good for poison/bonemancers, not so brilliant for summoners IMO.

This Shows the gear I finished Hell with.


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+skills to summon your skeles then switch for resists is what I would go for.

Yes you may lose one of your 13 skeles for it but it will prob make your survivability a lot better.


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I went through hell with a full trang's set and never had a problem. There is or was a sticky on the necro forum that compare the use of full trang's with the setup that Nightfish suggests and it shows the full trang's set as being superior. The problem with full trang's is that there isn't a lot of MF, so I've made a switch have gone more to Nightfishes setup, but have left three trang's items Gloves, helm and belt) so that I have firewall to help kill Baal.

One thing that I didn't follow from Nightfish's guide is putting more in Dex and as a result I don't have the blocking that I could have.

Also remember Nightfish's solution to resistence is charms. Even without the full trang's I still have 75% resistence to lightning which is all that you need to worry about in running Baal.