Near Perfect Hammerdin Build?


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Near Perfect Hammerdin Build?

I was putting together an equipment setup for what I was thinking would be a just about perfect PVM hammerdin.

Shako (Lo)
Guardian Angel (Um)
Heart of the oak
Herald of zak (Pdia or Um)
2x Soj
Arachnid mesh
mermans boots
Charms - annihilus, as many combat charms as you desire, life/mana charms

Now with this setup you get a nice +16 skills to your combat, 14 to everything else.
Hammer dmg breaking 11k , should not need more than that for anything.
max hammer, ba, vigor, and conc. 4 base into holyshield. with +16 skills, lvl 20 holy shield is an even 35% blocking with a good duration. Build complete at lvl 80. After which skillpoints I would put into res fire til i have 95 fire res.
FC is 80% , breaking 10fps. res is 90 all, 95 lit. when build is finished at 80 you can put more into holy shield or get your other max res's higher.
75 block of course, you get a lil dr from shako. should easily break 1500 life especially with a few life charms. i would try to push 2k life with good charms if i could. what do you guys think, just for a pvm hammerdin. I cant find any flaws with this build, your dmg is plenty, your a monster of a tank.


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Merman boots --> don't exist AFAIK ( lists incorrect info sometimes).

I would boost Holy Shield and not res auras.

Also an Enigma armor could enable you to have base str and more vita points altho then you lose the nice max res.


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I have actually built a near perfect build, and this is nothing near it (albeit it involves a duped rare hammerdin scepter). The need for resists is lower then you think it needs to be. Hammerdins kill fast (i do 15k-16k) and the enemy doesn't even get a chance to attack.


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If its myrmidon greaves u r talking about I found a pair of them yesterday on ladder?