Near Death Experiences


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Near Death Experiences

Well, I've been playing D2 for a while, but there's still tons I have to learn. I switched to Hardcore a while ago and I can safely say I don't think I can ever play Softcore again...

Anyhow, yesterday I had my first near death experience-- where I didn't actually die. My friend and I were playing in a private game, I'm a Fire Sorceress, about level 22 or so at the time, and he's a Javelin Amazon. Well, we were in Tal Rasha's tomb, right at the entrance to the chamber. He'd made a tp to town, but I wasn't paying attention and instead of going to town I thought he'd already went into the chamber. Now, being a Sorc with about 80 points in Vitality I still only have about 200 or so life. So, thinking he went down and I go down, and as I'm being chased around by Duriel, I realize I'm alone. I spewn some fireballs at but after my potions start going quick I make a tp to go back to town. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a corner with Duriel charging me, and no matter how many times I clicked on the tp, I couldn't enter it. I just spewed fire, hoping I might have a chance, but it seemed apparent to me I'd die before Duriel did. I opened up my inventory and started using up the rest of my Full Rejuvs that weren't already on my belt and about ready to give up and die start frantically clicking on my tp again, and this time actually manage to make it in. My heart was racing and I was shaking so much I could barely type, but my friend says to me "Isn't it great? The adrenile rush? That's what HC is all about!" Obviously, I haven't lost enough character yet to be less than upset at almost losing one, but, it was still fun... in the long run. Oddly, I had taken down about 2/3 of Duriel's life while down there and he was an easy kill when we both went down.

Tell us about your near death experiences!


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Oh man how much you have to learn :D

I was teleporting on my way to baal, i encountered some cursed black souls..... wait they also had fanat!!! oh no, i was jamming my potions nonstop, I don't think i had enough time to save and exit. i ended up getting out of there alive, by my life went below 20% like 4 times and i used 3/4 of a belt of potions. It was quite fun.

When I entered throne of destruction once, i was met by 2 minion packs of black souls. I lagged and almost died, luckily i drank a potion during the lag and that saved me lol


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The only near death experiences I've had lately is from my arch-nemeses - the Might Enchanted LI Dark Archer boss packs. They strike fear into my heart every time.
Oh and the Fanat Quill rat packs.
There's nothing quite like a -700 life arrow or quill to get your attention.


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My current character (I ususally work on one at a time, with only a low level backup in reserve) is currently 75th lvl, but when she was 57th lvl I came as close to losing a character and *not* seeing the deeds screen as I ever have before.

Oddly enough, it was to the same group I lost a lvl 60th concentration barb to a few weeks ago: Bremm and company along with a bosspack of Ghoul Lords in NM (and yes, I've learned my more NM Meph runs for me in 1.10).

I'd kept a staff with Teleport charges on switch and had been using it to jump the moat to get to Meph after running the gauntlet of Bremm and company. Well to quote the redneck epitaph...

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..." :teeth:

That is, until I lagged out at the edge of the moat after having switched the staff (read, no shield). I started punching full rejuves and cussin' a blue streak...and finally I began to with my merc dead, my Valk gone and my health bubble *empty* but showing where my last red pot was beginning to fill it about half way back up...I was able to escape through a tp. I have no doubt that one hit at that moment would have sent me to ghost-status. I fully expected it to happen.

So yes, it's one heckuva adrenaline rush! But I could do without the high cleaning bills for my clothes! ;)


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Near death yeye

Lolish hc is the rox type ;)

One of the closest times i reached low life and stayed alive with my highest sorc lvl 89:

Was doing meffs in hell.. didn't really pay attention.. teled in2 a group of fana strong dolls ARGH 4 full rejs gone all @ around 15% hp and hit the save and exit just in time ^^

Trained exiting skills are required in hc =)
Have had countless other near death experiances but thats hc 4 u.



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Joyotoki: welcome to the world of HC. May I offer a word of advice, slightly OT? Please don't use the red color for typing, 'tis not so easy on the eyes for those of us 'advanced in years' ;) (the red-on-brown is quite a bad combination).

And near death experiences: my most recent would be with my current dueler 'Elvis' - actually, not whilst dueling! Initially when I made him I ran out into the Cold Plains, and was set upon by a pack of Corrupt Rogue Spearwomen, with two bosses and what seemed to be perhaps 10 minions. I was in a world of hurt... one tp, gone... I managed to bolt back to the wp, and skedaddled back to town with 8 pts left on my life bulb. Phew.

Joyotoki: wait until your first PK experience...



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I've been through 2 sorcs that both hit 90 and are dead (both lag died, with save-exit and didn't work too hot for me). The current one hit 90 Friday. Each one is an MF sorc, and NOTHING makes your blood run like having godly MF gear on and watching the life just disappear.

And Mali's right, wait until a PK says hi. If you're on East, I'm usually pretty nice when I hostile so say hi!


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Mine was...

I was doing a Pindle run. Pindle rushed me and I saw my life bubble go down in a second. I pressed save & exit immedeatly, but the second where it loads and goes out to the channel, I see this gruing message in the left corner: xxx has been slained.

I was like noooooooooooooooooo. I tried to create a random game with her; "she is still alive" I was telling myself... And she was! She had all gear on, but she had lost exp like in sc.
Some people here at the forums told me something about the server had rolled me back or something. Don't remember.



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There is nothing more fun in this game than coming a hair from death and living to tell the tale.

My level 76 MA assy was doing the Cain rescue quest with a couple people, and while she was working on Griswald, she suddenly started getting absolutely hammered by another aura-enchanted boss pack. I slammed juvvies, ran out, slammed health pots and ran away... my health bulb just stood there on nanometer-from-empty for several seconds, as my health potions perfectly balanced out whatever aura the critters had. I kept waiting for my deeds, and luckily didn't get 'em :)


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i havent had a close cal yet, or if i did, i dont remember,. :teeth:
since i havent had one in a while, my exiting skills have gone down the drain...
cuz the last say 3 tiems when i was in danger and had to exit, i was too slow and died... >_<


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My level 84 mf necro had a couple close calls from some might archers in the pit. All my minions and merc died very quickly and I narrowly escaped.

I went back and the same thing happened, I had to alt-f4 this time because it was too close.

Third times a charm, right? - no I died on the third try. :(

I'm not that bright some times. :rolleyes:


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My closest death experience, that wasn't complete, was fighting DClone. My lvl 81 throwbarb had owned him in a 2 player spawn, (Lacerators rock at mincing the clone) so when he popped up in a single player I thought he'd be even easier. And so he was. I spawned him off Rakamishu, and then went to town on his health bar. All was well, until he stopped moving. My merc stopped moving. My town portal didn't open.... Uhoh. Glance over and modem is doing the blinking red light thing... sinking feeling in stomach... So I exit, and wait for the reconnect.....

Hours (OK, a minute) later, I log back on to my account, and do the happy dance, 'cause guess who isn't a ghost! I log back into the game, mainly to get that Annihilus no matter what, and noticed his health bulb... Well, he had 4 hp left. Just 4. Out of 1350 hp before BO, there was a measly four left... Tripping could have killed him.

A trip to Akara later, and a repair on the axes, and he was back and fighting the Clone, (Who later dropped a 13/19/9 charm.) But the helplessness, and closeness, of that near death makes it stick out no matter what else happens to him...


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I used to rely on Save & Exit when I'd get in over my head, but I've since come up with a better way - dont put myself in those situations!!!

Whenever I'm in an area that I know is a threat, I advance very carefully, and sometimes let my merc step a few ahead to draw and projectile attacks (you know, those 10 might-boost arrows that hit you all at once before you know what happened).

Caution is your best, best friend. Dont get mobbed - run away to split up packs. Use all of the helpful, 1 point wonder skills available to you. Always have some rejuvs.

Best of luck, and remember, DONT GET COCKY! I swear every time I've ever died, its within minutes of when I think to myself, "Jeez, I'm the friggin' MAN!" :)


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near drop experience

Interesting you should ask. This weekend, while trying to level my enchantress, I was in a Baal run series (pubby of course, its the only way to die!). Early on, there was some cursing between the players, accusing someone of being a drop-Pk. I think nothing of it. After like the fourth run, we're in the Throne, and the screen freezes. My comp is completely frozen. Only the hard-reset button does it. And I think. Damn. Lost another one. Drop-pk hack has gotten me again. Sigh. After resurrecting the comp, I log back on. Wait a minute! Enchanted_Neb is still there! I get her into a game, and her mana ball is empty, her life ball has like 20-something left. Apparently, 25% chance to cast teleport on being struck is a good thing after. :p


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My 83 Wolf quickly found out why he hadn't been and won't be farming hell baal. He was in World Stone lvl three, where all the happy OK's are, and was charging up feral (thank god) when BAM 4.3k life bulb is gone...just...gone. After the sliver of red, a few seconds and a very sore "1" key (juvy row) my humbled druid was back where he belongs: running anything but chaos sanctuary and world stone.

But DAMN it's fun almost dying. Call me a masochist but you will never in a million years get that kind of rush in SC. Gogo HC! :buddies:

Afro AmeriZON

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Last night. My lvl 69 meteorb sorc around 850 life. I was leveling my merc in NM so I decided to help some people through act 2 because it would be to my benefit also. Anyways, I'm in maggot lair lvl 3 I was killing things in the room where the staff is that big heaping steaming orange mound of crap coming out of the ground was fire/cold immune and my merc was only a lvl 35 defiance merc with crappy gear at the moment so I didn't think he could take it down. So I TP'd and said for someone to come down and kill it, while I am saying that my merc just chopping away...BAM explodes all the sudden, I'm poisoned and AMP'd I think and down to very very little health a damn maggot pops up out of nowhere right next to me. I killed it quick but afterwards I was like "wow, what just happened, ouch!".


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I was taking my level 89 Vegasorc (FO/meteor) out for a solo baal run. Everything went as normal, switched to wizardspike and t-gods and tele'd down to baal. Back to the occulus, mowed everything down. Killed the first spawn. Killed the second spawn. Baals globe is just arcing through the air, laden with council-member goodness, and I happen to glance at my health globe. 1 hitpoint left from poison. A quick juv and a string of swear-words later, I was back on track. Achmel hurts like that...



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My near death expierence was in chaos sanc. Okay I was stupid on this one I admitt. I enter a game with my necro summoner in normal on act 4. I was wanting to kill Diablo so I was looking for a party game to gank ole D. So I find one and a lvl60 Baba is there with a lvl 25 sorc. I think okay....this guy is rushin the sorc all is good. Then I see a message lvl 25 sorc (I can't remember her name) was slain by Doom Knight. I say..hey barb I can create some meat shield for ya just give me a tp. So a tp pops up and I enter. Much to my shock I am SURROUNDED by Lord De Seis and his crew plus other crew from the Chaos Sanc. I instictively hit alt f4. I'm waiting till the game throws me to the channel and I'm saying to myself..."I'm dead, toast" But much to my surprise I see a little nec in the channel still alive! So I join a one of my clans game...heart still pumpin...hard. To see how much life I had left....I join the game look at my bulb and it looks empty....I mouse over and it reveals 20 life left....phew....that was a close one...and lesson learned too boot.