NBA Playoffs

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4 Piston Engine

Once I find a way past security, me.

In all seriousness, I think that the Pistons could do it again this year but the Spurs have the skills and tenacity to beat them. I'd still bet that the Pistons will win the trophy.


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suns because they have nash.

i think its funny that walton obsesses over nash. i think he wants to be his boyfriend.


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I would really like it if the Suns won it, but honestly I think it'll be the Spurs or the Pistons. Although, I dont know how well the Spurs will handle Duncan not being 100% with his hurt ankle.


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There's no stopping the TWO-TIME MVP & Four time All-defensive player


Spurs vs Heat would be my dream match-up, but is the Big Socrates injured?