Narcos Mafia signup thread (season 1)


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This is not going to be a conventional Mafia setup. The main premise of the game is based on the Assassin in the Castle (War in the Castle) format. But, it has been modified to fit the theme. Gameplay will not include lynching (see below). I think setup is pretty much finished. But, if there are any Mafia players experienced with these formats, I'd welcome suggestions/feedback.

I am usually online during the day (10:00-5:00) to perform night actions. This is UTC+8:00, which translates to (22:00-05:00) US-EST. I've noticed there aren't too many players posting during these hours anyway. So, I believe we can do a shortened night period and it will work just fine. Perhaps a deadline of 11:59am EST, then I will resolve all night actions/messages. Next day can begin at 06:00 EST. Let me know if that schedule works for everyone.

Basic arrangement would be 10 players in 2 teams, and hopefully 1 neutral. It will operate like 2 concurrent AitC games with 5 players each. Game will end when 1 (or both) of the faction leaders are eliminated.
1. Each faction will have an unknown "informant" player, attempting to relay information to the opposing faction.
2. Each faction will have a "kingpin" player that has unlimited assassin ability over his own faction. (to kill any suspected informant). However, fewer players remaining in your faction makes it easier for opposition to identify you as kingpin.
3. Each kingpin can send a member of their faction on night missions. (to investigate other players, or attempt to NK opposing kingpin). These missions will succeed/fail based on a variety of conditions.
4. Each kingpin will also have a Mason ability to pass PM messages back and forth between his own faction.
** Alignment (not roles) will be known to members of the same faction. Communication will all be done in the Forums. There will be no QT groups. Kingpin actions/PMs will go through the Mod, to keep kingpin identity secret.

Player List: (starting over)
1. Caluin Graye
2. Silver Shroud
3. Zarniwoop
4. Noodle
5. Mr_Thingyman (tentative)
6. Drixx
7. Kestegs
8. Zemaj
9. Leopold Stotch
10. Prestige7
11. (possibly)
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I would love to play but I'm not sure if I will have much time/internet connection to be able to contribute much though.

Caluin Graye

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Does AitC even need a night phase? Only one person has a actionable ability, and s/he can use it at any time, including just after the lynch.


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I think I'll have to postpone the game. I'm leaving town on Sunday, and not sure how consistent my internet connection is going to be.