n00b necromancer


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n00b necromancer

Is thisa good?

20 golem mastery
10 skeleton mastery
20 bone spirit
5 revive
10 corpse explosion

none to raise skeletons


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20 GM but no golem? Even if you wanted to make a golemancer, that would be one of the last things you'd put points into.
20 bone spirit with no synergies? It won't do any damage at all.
No curses? Every curse is a one point wonder, choose between amp, decrep, and LR.
No raise skeletons? Raise is more important than mastery for overall skeleton damage. That one skeleton (as a revive prereq) of yours isn't going to anything.
5 revives? They are pretty much stationary, weak attackers. The only thing they have going for them is numbers in areas where the enemies come to you, unless you have enigma. They will be expecially weak with 10 in their mastery.
Corpse explosion is nice though. You'll want amp with it though.


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Could you plz write down how many points should i spend in every skill. Or give me a link of a good FAQ.