N some suggestions about which build to try


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N some suggestions about which build to try

i already have some of the gear i am going to use.

the gear i would like to use
upped vipermagi um 49 res all
nosferatus coil
arreats ias jewel
death cleaver shael
gerke's sanctuary or storm

the builds i am wanting to try is berserker or concentration now i need to hear some of your experiences with these builds.
i would like to hear about survivability, killing speed. and what ever other experiences you have.


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berserk has the highest dmg of them both, but makes your defence 0 so u will need max block and high life for that to be effective. Concentrate gives more defense but less dmg, but a are probably maxing its synergie BO what gives u 10% extra per level. its all a matter of taste, but when u go berserk u really need more life, whats with the viper by the way ?


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In my experience survivability also translates into killing speed...if you have to back off and break the monsters into small groups, then you lose killing speed...if on the other hand you can tank most mobs then you're going to kill faster, even if your damage is a bit lower...If this didn't make sense to you...Go with Concentrate Barb...you can even have Berserk as backup skill.

Don't listen to bluedragoon:)...upped Vipermagi is a decent armor. Not everyone has access to Chains Of Honor and stuff. If you can get your resists up...might want to try another armor though.


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I would do an concbarb, in effectivnes vs the berzerker it a slower killer but alot better tank.