N solid advice from players that know what they are talking about


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N solid advice from players that know what they are talking about

Im in a delemma, I got :

13 skele mastery
15 skele warrior
1 skele mage
1 revive

prerequest for revive:

1 glay golem
1 blood golem
1 iron golem

I took summon res(lvl1) for my summons, and golem mastery(lvl1) for a prerequest.

those are the skill points I hvae distributed so far, gonna do prerequest for decryp. and it (uses 4 skill points).

after I max skele mastery and skele warriors, I´ve used a total of 49 skill points, what do I do with the rest ? I was thinking I´d max Revives or mages, but I heard that revives cant hold there own to skelemages.

the way I se it, the best dmg´ing revives in hell mode do like 100-200 pysical dmg or so, with a might aura that gives +300-400% ed and amp dmg that becomes alot if u got 40 ish revives running around the place.

on the other hand, skelemages do 400-500 ish dmg(and u can have like 14-16 of them), wont get any bonuses to there dmg in any way, but they tele when they get to far behinde(they dont die from it like revives), they´re AI is better and they use less mana and dont got that stupid duration.

at first I was set on going revives, so I used my skills to get it, just 1 poin it in (gives me lvl 6 revive so far(more when I become a higher lvl able to use my better items)). Anyways Im not doubt. it feels like this will either make or break my necro, I wasted 4 skill points if I go all skele mages and just forget about revives, Im more to revives but I need a answear.

also got a question, if u use the runeword "beast" and get that fana aura equiped does it give to ur minions as well ??

Edit: dont take mana into account, I use silkweavers + homunculus, and a mandeal + lynmo + frosties and got around 600 mana so far (charms giving most of it)


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Yes, your minions will get the aura provided they are in its radius.

I would seriously go skelemage and let +skills take revive up. Revives are just plain stupid (from an AI standpoint), and have to constantly be resummoned. Whereas mages are smarter, and balance your warriors out with ranged attacks.



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From my experience Revive you don't need more than one point... +skill items give you plenty after that... They make good shields so don't dismiss their value... Plus caster type revives are fun... (serpent magus, gloams, etc)

I maxed Corpse Explosion to help my skellies and give a quicker kill. So I would invest your 20 points in that once you have the curses you want and summon skills where you like them. I boosted amp to give a better radius and now am working on Dim Vision (stop those gloams).

If you are interested in extreme build for enhancing damage.. Read Kbob's comando mancer... I've played with Kbob b4 when he was using his commando... By far one of the strongest summoner build's i've ever seen.


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Are you gonna pump corpse explosion? If you have skill points left over I would :p. And since mana isn't a problem you'll do fine :)

EDIT: damn you pea for getting to that first, grrrr...


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revives / skelli mages are good at 1 ea.

with what you got so far, max ce or maybe take a look at one of the other poison / bone skills?




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I agree that mages are good at 1, I personally think their only good for secondary effects, not damage. It's been found that with the reduced # but more damage comes up as them dealing nearly the same amount of damage as in 1.09, which wasn't horribly bad then, but it is now IMO. A few cold and a few poison mages will keep them chilled and keep the PMH pressure on. This can be acquired with a few +skills


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Sawse had a great setup with his mages but he had a crazy amount of +summon kills ontop of maxing them.

If you have something like enigma and if you could focus them to a single target you would be surprised of just how powerful they could be in hell as barrage of necro missles in one pelt could be devastating.

Personally i like the mages as it follows the old Overlord Trait. - That as much +skills to the summon tree and NOT focus on just skeletons :D

Agree there revives is good at 1 due to time constraints


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Kyo said:
I used to like revives, but I don't anymore. I have like 8 with plus skills when in mf gear, and i's insane how dumb they are. I see them just wandering around...hanging out...taking a nap...

quite cumbersome if you ask me. Not worth the mana. 1pt.




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Mages are always a good bet for a summoner depending on skel warriors as the skel maserty messhes for both soo well.

Also if your going summons max and getting summon skill items alot then your mages will have far more then 4-500 damage per shot as the later skill boons give rather large damage boosts.