Mystery eBay bid for $250,000


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Mystery eBay bid for $250,000

Take a chance?

Land Rover = $25,000
3 Bikes = $5000
2 boats = $15,000
Ugly furniture with cheap TV = $1000
Ugly desk with cheap computer = $500

So the mystery key, the mystery car, and stupid envelope has to be worth the other $200,000.
Whichever company it is, the guy'll be showing up for work dressed in dollar bills for lack of anything else to wear the day after the auction.

My bet is that his place is just suck a disaster and so nasty that he's giving up on trying to clean it and is trying to sucker someone into paying him to be rid of it all.


Surely someone working for a video game company wouldnt be jerking the public's chain. Also, hes got zero'on give him some credit.


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my guess is that its the map over osama bin ladens hideaways, so if you buy that map for 250 k, you can find osama bin laden somewhere and get the reward for finding him(wich is more than 250 k i think) :thumbsup:


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ROFLMAO the whole auction made me laugh a lot, i especially like this part:
The winner will also get the 3 MYSTERY objects this auction includes. You can see the mystery pictures feature below.

A) One mystery car (What could it be? Check out our other valuable items and guess for yourself)
B) One mystery key (This key goes to something very important can you guess what it is?)
C) One mystery envelope (A check for money? Tickets to Hawaii? Something expensive that’s for sure

hahaha i laughed good there, something expensive thats for sure omg i couldnt stop laughing.


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the envelop has:
Jerry Garcia
half eaten blowpop
and two packages of kool aid.

totally bidding on this..