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Mysteries of Diablo/Hellfire

Discussion in 'Diablo 1' started by DwayneGAnd, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. DwayneGAnd

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    Sep 4, 2018
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    Ever wonder:

    -Why there was so much content cut from the game?
    -Why the sorcerer has a higher maximum dexterity than the warrior despite not being suited for melee combat?
    -Why the Quickness suffix has no effect?
    -Why you need to create a certain text file to access certain quests and secret characters?
    -How you can fire an unlimited supply with arrows when using a bow? Where do they come from?
    -How come you can't attack Gharbad until his fourth speech?
    -Why Farnham, Gillian, and Odgen serve essentially no purpose in the game?
    -How come you can't talk with Ogden about quests or gossip until you come out of the cathedral for the first time?
    -Why you can't attack Lachdanan at all?
    -Why you suffer no damage when near lava in the caves? (Which would be scientifically impossible.)
    -How come the Chamber of Bone quest is available in all games?
    -Why you can't get all quests in a single game?
    -If the bard can hit multiple enemies with two bladed weapons, why isn't the same true with two blunt weapons?
    -How come blunt weapons deal less damage against animals?
    -Why bladed weapons deal less damage to the undead even if they have skin?
    -How come you can't skip cutscenes by clicking your mouse?
    -How come there were no difficulty levels in the original game?
    -How come they changed voice actors between the demo and the final game?
    -How come the variety of items Wirt offers for sale can change depending on character class?
    -How come you have to pay Wirt in order to see what he has for sale?
    -How come this is the only Diablo game where your character stats have a maximum value?
    -How come in Hellfire, Apocalypse no longer affects enemies behind walls?
    -How come in Hellfire, enemies are no longer dumb enough to walk into your Firewall?
    -How come some enemies can't open doors and others can?
    -Exactly why does Ogden call you master?
    -How come in Hellfire you can jog in town, but not in the cathedral?
    -How come the warrior has different lines of dialogue when you can't pick up anymore items?
    -How come you need to be at specific levels in order to descend down further into the cathedral?
    -How come certain spells cannot be found in book form such as Identify?
    -Why are there treasure chests scattered all over in wide open areas?
    -Why are there readable tomes on level 4, 8, and 12? Who in their right mind would write something in that area?
    -How come you can't talk to Pepin during the Black Mushroom quest (like Cain suggests you do) until you actually give the mushroom to Adria?
    -How come if you give the Tavern Sign to Snotspill, you still have to fight him despite him telling you to "go now". And why can't you find it on him after killing him?
    -How come if you're playing a Barbarian and drink a rejuvenation potion, your current maximum man is reduced? (without bonus points to magic from equipment)
    -If the monk and bard are melee characters, why don't they gain more life points from each point invested in Vitality?
    -How come you can't buy Godly Full Plate of the Whale, King's Great Sword of Haste, etc from Wirt?
    -How the heck would Nakrul get tickets to Aerosmith?
    -How was Pepin able to finish his elixer with the demon brain? How did Adris finish her brew without the elixer?
    -Exactly who is the Complete Nut?
    -How come the bard and barbarian don't comment if you click on the cows enough?
    -How come you need to get some experience before Lester will entrust you with his favor, even if all you really needed to do was taken a rune bomb to the mound in the ground? Sheesh, even a child could do a simple task like that, all that leveling up seems a bit redundant!
    -Why would Adria feel squeamish if you have the demon brain in your inventory when you talk to her despite her being a witch? Wouldn't she work with other disgusting ingredients in her brews?
    -How come the sorcerer swings his staff so slowly?
    -How come your maximum hit points are reduced if you're struck by the Black Death zombies?
    -If Griswold says that someone who returned from the cathedral came across the Anvil of Fury, how come there is so much stuff left in the levels up above?
    -How come the sorcerer can only get Books of Lightning from the slain hero?

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