My WW Barb needs a few more skills...


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My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Currently I am a lv 70 WW Barb with the following skills, stats, equipment.

20-WW no duh
20-Battle Orders
11-Battle Command (unsure if this is even useful...)
20-Sword Mastery
1-Iron Skin
1-Natural Resistance
1-the rest of prereqs.


Life w/o items, BO, and Oak Sage lv 5-693
Life with items, BO, and Oak Sage lv5-2003
Mana w/o BO-79
Mana with BO-156

Dual Lightsabre Phase Blades (Wewt)
Highlord's Wrath
Nature's Peace
Sharkskin Gloves of the Bat (for more mana leech)
Plated Belt of the Whale (for HP)
Strong Sharktooth Armor
Expert's Crown of the Tigre (+1 to combat skills and life)

Currently has crap wep and gear but as soon as I get 2 PAmethysts I get him to use a Stormspire I have in stash.

Where should I go next? Did I mess up with skills? Any better suggestions for weps? and most importantly... I do not use rune words due to me not being able to find any runes of Ist and higher D: I suck at rune finding.


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Too many points in BC, just one is fine.

Don't rely on oak sage for the life boost, in actual pvm it will die.
Your life is really low, especially as a barb.

I wouldn't plan on swords being your end game, as bezerker axe runewords have been the mainstay as far as I know.

I wouldn't use an act 3 merc. Ever.

Can't recommend Stormspike.

Would replace at least the following:



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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Figured. but its Stormspire not spike huge difference. It's the Giant Thresher unique. I have act II merc. and berzerker axe runeword? I use the oak sage as an added bonus. w/o it I have around 1599 hp.
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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Swords are perfectly fine for end-game weapons. There are pros and cons to each (don't remember all of them off the top of my head) and it's largely for taste; I prefer swords because Phase Blades don't need to be repaired.

You really, really need to replace your gloves, belt, armor, and helm. Cheap alternatives are Laying of Hands, String of Ears, Duriel's Cuirass, and Arreat's Face. These can all be had for a few pgems each. After that I'd get a barbarian torch; low roll btorches can go for one HR or less and it'd give the best bonuses for the time spent to trade for one.

For skills, more than one point in Battle Command is useless. It only ever gives one skill point and more points in it only increase duration, and maxed Battle Orders gives all three of your shouts a good duration. All together I'd max out WW, Battle Orders, Sword Mastery, and Shout. The rest goes into prereqs, one point wonders, and after that maybe Iron Skin or Natural Resist.

What kind of merc do you have? If you're using one that isn't Holy Freeze or Might, get your merc from Normal. He'll have better stats. I wouldn't use pamys for him to equip his gear although Stormspire is pretty good as a weapon. For armor/helm, Vampire Gaze and Shaftstop are good low cost choices.


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Well I sp so equipment is an issue. My comp that plays DII can't go online so Mulling is out of the question. I have to loot my own things and then transfer from my various chars. Hence why I don't have alot of these items. I have a Holy Freeze merc currently. I just found a Tarnhelm about 20 mins after posting this entire thing so I'm using it. I realize that the helm, gloves, boots, and belt are horrid but thats all i've got for now. I'm only lv 70 and have entire Hell mode to go. and Pamys are easy to get for me. I just go through normal and pickup all of my amys and fusem. I currently have amy, flaw amy, some chipped amy, and a flawless amy. I also have other good uniques (Ethereal Edge[I love this wep], Nord's, Stormspire, and again my dual Lightsabres[Which happen to be Phase Blades :D])


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

the dual lightsabers is fine, decent speed and damage. You may want to think about either going with a might merc for increased damage, or possibly an a5 mrec with a lawbringer sword if your having issues with PI's.

craft a blood belt, or run NM Baal till you puke to see if you can get IK's gear to drop. same with boots. Ik's trio (gloves, belt, boots) is a solid solo mans option for end game. You do suffer for life leech with that setup tho, but you get lots of str, IAS (non WW of course), a few skill bonuses, magic find, extra defense etc. I got 2 of them in one NM baal drop once (this ladder, my first Sorc in HC, it was her 2nd or 3rd Baal run, very nice find).

In all honesty, if your going the cheap route, adding the IK's helm is also a good option. even more MF, more skills, and 2 sockets to play with.

find an exceptional light armor and socket it (or elite armor with 2 sockets) and make smoke, it's simply the best mid level armor you can have on the cheap. resists, defense, etc. heavy armor has better defense to start, but you lose run speed with it, so your personal pref there.

and yes, drop BC to 1 pt, max shout, 1 pt in beserk. Well, juggle shout and mastry if you need. when your end game items are limited, you may need to play with those skill levels to adjust things. If your damge is weak, add more to the mastry, if your defense is low, shout. I usually will max mastry before shout, but ill have 10 solid points or so in shout at least.


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Stormspire is OK for your merc, but definitely not "Good". I'd recommend going for an Obedience thresher/giant thresher/cryptic axe, it should be easily huntable since the highest runes in that are Fal and Ko, which you can find fairly easily from Hell Countess runs.

You'll need to install RWM for that since you're SP, but thats a very small program you can stick on a flash drive and then install to your offline D2 comp.

Craft him a Blood helmet for LL, and he'll be set.


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Id go with obedience like droid said, but if youre having trouble getting the fal and ko for it honor is a decent alternative.
Amn + El + Ith + Tir + Sol
+160% Enhanced Damage
+9 To Minimum Damage
+9 To Maximum Damage
25% Deadly Strike
+250 To Attack Rating
+1 to All Skills
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
Replenish Life +10
+10 To Strength
+1 To Light Radius
+2 To Mana After Each Kill


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

Sadly the other part that is wrong with my comp is broken usb ports. My rents fried them somehow...


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Re: My WW Barb needs a few more skills...

you can't make obedience in single player. You can do honor, though.

By the way Pailon, in case you didn't know, I think there's a muling application for single player, ATMA, somewhere in this site. It will help you swapping stuff between chars.