My wolfs weapon

My wolfs weapon

Well today i came across a Cruel Conquest of QUickness 3 sock with 95ias and 269ed.

So ive decided to make a build around this

I was thinking a vita/strng build my freind Druidic_grove gave me some nice tips

Mostly this is one of the seixiest weapons i seen and i dont know any other wolfs with one


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range 1! boo! good weapon though, sorta shorter version of the cruel myth of quick and cruel cryptic but nice! what's the dmg?
the max dmg is 195

question 1:: i got this from some 1.9 druid. He thought it was junk cuz of the 2 sheals LOl

Question 2: i know how to take pictures but dont knwo how to post them here tell me and i will pst it tho
:yep: right on man about that weapon, its awesome, ummm hmm im not sure how to post pics on here, i do on another site, hey, do you have aol instant messenger? or email? if so private message me it, and show me it on there

doc hugeroosters

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Masta-Djay said:
yea ok im sure this owns ur druid easy. Its Same max as a caddy but it hits harder. And this is rare as *&^#

is the base 269% or is that after the one ed/ias jewel in it? if thats so than the only good thing about this sword is its rarity. the Lo in new griz caddy>that conquest.


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Elekchron88 said:
lol max dmg is 195... that thing sucks period.
your comment is stupidingly useless, period.
try to think in term of min dmg too before you comment on suck a mocking tone.

that's not the best weapon indeed, but still a decent one.


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Masta-Djay said:
Its Same max as a caddy but it hits harder. And this is rare as *&^#
i wouldnt really say that it hits harder. a lo rune mentioned earlier along with a highlords and a pair of gores would give u a fair amount of deadly strike raising the caddys potential damage above the cruel conquest's