My variation of a vanquisher


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My variation of a vanquisher

Ok well i was lookin in the build guides and saw vanquisher which for those who dont know is a hammer smite variation. now as i was reading that guide i loved the idea of hammer and smite being used on the same character but i didnt like the way he said to i was thinkin and i wanted some oppinions on my idea before i put him into action.

Of course enough into strength for equipment, enough dex for max block, and everything else goes into vit.

Skills: ok heres where i am debating

I can do it this way for more smite damage...
Max: Smite, Holy Shield, Hammer, Concentration, Vigor

Or this way for more hammer damage...
Max: Hammer, Holy shield, Concentration, Vigor, Blessed Aim

Now the way that has more hammer damage is pretty much just a hammerdin setup but its going to be my style of dueling and equipment that sets me apart from an h-din.

Now my Equipment idea is as follows:

Head: 2x 15 ias/40 ed jewel CoA (this way i reach 6 frame attack speed with smite)

Armor: Enigma AP (for tele str and DR)

Belt: 15% DR 40 vit Dungos

Gloves: Trangs (20 fcr cold res)

Boots: 15/15 eth Treks or try and get my hands on some fhr/frw tri res rares

Ammy: 2+ skills 10% fcr life/mana/ res rare ammy

Rings: BK/10% fcr ring

Weapon: 37% IAS 396 Damage Grief PB

Shield: 35 fcr pally spirit

Inventory: 4x 30+ lifer Pcombs 17/16 P Torch 20/17/6 anni rest 20 lifer scs

Now this setup gives me 38% DR, 75 fcr, 6 frame smite, 8k hammer damage (1.3k PvP damage)

So what do you think of my Vanquisher idea? All comments are greatly appriciated :thumbup:
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Re: My variation of a vanquisher

1 point in smite is just fine

the 40 ed from the jewels wont help you at all, stick with 15 ias 15 res jewels

If you want to focus more on hammer dmg or playin as an hdin then get 125 fcr with grief on switch for smite.


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Re: My variation of a vanquisher

Grief pb with fanat is always fastest smite, -req/res jewel CoA for less strength imo.


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Re: My variation of a vanquisher

Hi. Did You made your pally? I wonder how it performs, because i was thinking about similar one. And deciding to do standart Hdin or to go melee/hammer way.