my turn


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my turn

nice and simple

the same run i get a lion branded gc (pally combat) from mephy

i hit max gold

i gamble

seyaph's hymn 2/2 :clap: it happens


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Dacar92 said:
obviouslly thats what he deserved.
btw yeah really good luck on the gamble, ive only gambled 1 unique and thats manald 7% lmao, and i have spend about 25 million i think.


tylerhoke said:
Nobody Gives A ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may not have been around earlier, and thatks to DAcar92 for stepping in.

As a warning in the future, this will not be tolerated, and will earn an instant ban.

No questions asked.


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sheepe2004 said:
I gambled a tals ammy a few weeks ago, shame theyre worthless now...

meh.. it still worths Um, at least in europe realm (well for me a um is nice since im poor :lol: )


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superdave said:
lucky bugger...the odds of GAMBLING a seraph is huge
Last Ladder i gambled a 2/1 seraph's and a 22 maras. Not had anything near that kind of luck gambling since :lol:
best ive gambled was a super nice fcr ring.. it was like 10 fcr, 14 str, a tiny bit of life or mana (i forgot), and some pretty nice lit and fire res. :)

second best is +3 ammys. =o


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Best thing I gambled was a soj!!!

But that was on SP and I had an editor which gave me infinite gold. :rolleyes:


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Agateryon said:
meh.. it still worths Um, at least in europe realm (well for me a um is nice since im poor :lol: )
You would be lucky to get an um. You can pick one up for lem / pul now.

My best unique from gambling was also a manald.


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What are the chances to gamble an unique? I've never ever gambled one, I've spent countless millions to Anya and Gheed..


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ive gambled a risign sun, crescent moon, many angelics ammys. but i never get anything i need

speaking of single player, i like to put stuff on that has "reduce vendor prices by 150000000%" that way i make money gambling