My Turn.


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My Turn.

It's my turn to say farewell to D II on the realms and to this board. As Baranor recently said "1.09 was my game," and 1.10 just isn't fun for me. Not because it's "too hard" as some have complained, but because the builds and variants I loved to make are impractical, and those builds that are viable now are rather boring to me because I hate being limited in skill choices. The characters I liked to play were the versital one's with lot's of skill combinations. For example, I'd rather play a Tri-elemental sorc than a Meteor sorc. Pure Zerker barbs may be viable, but to me they are no more fun to play than the Warrior of D I (although Warriors were a lot of fun in their time).

Other aspects of the game I used to love like Trading seem to be completely inactive. My thanks to this site for hosting the original Market Place for so many years. It was huge enhancement of an already fantastic game. I'll really miss "the thrill of the bid" for those really hot items while the old MP lasted. Hopefully one day the new MP will be as active with the addition of new RPG's.

Since I'll no longer be playing the game I don't think I'll have very much to contribute to this board, so it's time to go. Since I won't be playing anymore I also hate to see 22 mules of once elite items disappear into the void of expiration. I actually had to rescue several of them this weekend that were listed as expired but thankfully signed on anyway. If anyone still playes non-ladder and want's a ton of great items let me know.
Carnage_DVS, you get dibs on your WF, GF, and runes that you traded for the CMSoQ at the end of 1.09 if you want them. Anyone else interested can e-mail me through my profile here.

Thanks to you, Zappa, for keeping this board such a pleasure to visit. You have somehow found the balance of keeping the informative, humorous, and even passionate subscribers while keeping the riff-raff out. That's obviously not easy to do judging by so many other boards, on this and other forum sites. That in itself speaks volumes to your strict but fair, even-handed governing.

Finally, thanks to those that made playing the game so much fun, although so may of them have either already gone or haven't posted in months. SermiadeS, Elan7e, Ahz, The-Majeres, Pickininy, AnnonWar (Destiny), and Anti-Soul. If any of you still lurk and are interested in 1.09 Phaedrus and I still play via tcp/ip. That invitation is also extended to anyone here who prefers the "Good Old Days."

Adios mi amigos.
Viva bien. Viva largo.


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Even though I never met you in a game or what not, I wish ya the best in ne future ventures you get into.



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Lotsa folks leaveing these days, the boards will be empty before we know it :(. Anyways I haven't played in weeks yet I still visit these boards, yes odd indeed :). For some reason I just can't find the drive that I used to have to play and build my characters up. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do Raistlin and maybe everyone can meet up in the WoW beta :).


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Steve! I can't believe you, of all people, are quitting D2. It seems like you've been playing it forever and a day!
Well now that you have actually quit, maybe you'll finally come over to SWG. I really need someone online I can trust, and I can hook you up with some nice stuff.
Good luck.


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I find myself wondering what to do next a lot more recently. I will hang on though as even if I bore with what i am doing now I can just go West and let Nightshade hunt me or something, or back to Asia or Europe.

I can always find thrill in this game when I have nothing but I bore quickly if I get too godly.

Take care!

BTW, when i quit i will cerimonially (sp) walk inot some game, strip off all gear and run as far as i can until i die! Best I have done so far (with 1.09 guys) was a naked Java to the foot of the stairs of the Throne and if it wouldnt of been trapped (by game spawn) I might of went up and punched something in the throne room!