my turn for a "help me" thread


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my turn for a "help me" thread

Normally I would not be on here asking for computer help but, this one has be stumped.

I have a GeForce4 ti4200 (128 mb) vid card. The driver version I have is the 45.23 set. Everytime I've updated to a new driver release (from windows update OR nVIDIA's site) it crashes my computer and will not work until I boot in safe mode and roll back the drivers.

So, after going through that a few times, I updated the drivers on my mobo, updated directX and tried again with the same result.

Once the new drivers install, I get one of two things. Either it does a hard reboot and goes into a boot > blue screen > reboot cycle or gives me the "you must reboot for changes to take effect" message after which it goes into the aforementioned cycle.

Any idea as to why new driver sets cause problems and ONLY the current one I use seems to work? It wouldn't puzzle me so much if it was just a problem with Windows Update drivers since they are not always specific for your hardware and are known to cause problems. But nVIDIA's own drivers are doing the exact same thing and I'm stumped as to what is calling it. When I go back to the 45.23 release drivers, it works marvelously.

Help... and droolie smiley... :drool:


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just stay at the 45.23 drivers :p but anyway...

i would say that when u load/download them, some of the intormation is not complete, or messes with something that it shouldnt, and screws up the boot sequence... if the old drivers work, and they dont have any ill affects( or effects? never know those), just use those drivers


Well....First question that needs to be answered.

Why are you updating the drivers? Is the video card not working properly, thus you needed the drivers, or did you just notice there was new drivers and decide to update them?

Ive been told my many tech support people...."If it aint broke, dont fix it."

Often time drivers (okay more than often) have bugs such as this with certain computers. If your video card isnt working fully with the old drivers, then this is a problem. I dont know what to do, I would call the video card company for tech support, let them know whats going on

But if your video card is working fine with the old drivers, I say just leave it alone then.


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I don't know that much about drivers but I think it says almost instantly after starting the installation procedure that you should disable your virus detector.
Either do it if you trust Nvidia to possibly mess your computer or do it manually (extract a package and use windows driver manager to update driver).
I also had problems with a display driver (RivaTNT2) and the easiest way to get it to work was uninstall the drivers, install basic drivers (Standard vga adapter or something like it) and do a full install on the cleaned driver database. Updating your driver sometimes just doesn't work.

Good luck and try to keep your cool.(saves keyboards:))