my trading lists


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my trading lists

I tried auction trading but since im lazybutt, its hard to check my posts all day xD

so, i will just leave price and u PM me. coool !

I dont receive Pgems...sorry! Lem is the cheapest price.


ring/amulet/jewel :
tal ammy -- um
craft ammy 2pally skills 9fcr 15str 19dex 1energy 19mana 5mr -- 2ber
2Sorc skills 10fcr 15ar 19dex 11all reg 5chance frost nova -- ber
wedding band 5%ll -- ohm
5/5 poison facet -- soldout

armors :
1001def IK armor (its perfect!) -- ist
Tyrael's Might 21str/20reg/141ed/89demon --offer
3os 15%ed sup cuirass -- um
Gris world's hearts 950def. -- lem
3os AP -- sold out
4os 15ed 15du -- ist

boots :
Marrowwalker 20str/17dex/2skeleton mastery -- um

Gloves :
MF 30ed -- lem
rare ogre guntlets 2martial arts 20ias 13ar 3ll 45ed 3dex -- gul
chance guards 40mf -- soldout

Helms :
andy 30str 10 ll -- vex

weapons :
titan's revenge eth 199ed 6ll -- 2ber
5os eth CS -- ist

shields :
0os 65% damage 120 Ar vortex shield -- ist
0os SUP monarch 15ed 14du -- soldout

Charms :
7% mf SCs -- mal each.
20life SCs -- ist each.
Sor Fire 12fhr GC -- soldout


wolfhowl ( all skills must be perfect. like, 6/6/6 dru skills and 3 bo)
eth 5os 15ed berserker axe
Jah or Ber for 9 ists. (im ists.)
4os AP (no eth!)
StormShield (socketed)
Grief runeword
Beast runeword
Unique Orge Guntlets
Fine Small Charm of .........
Sacred Targe 45Reg 4os OR 0os
eth vortex shield 45reg 4os OR 0os
250 AR Raven

if u have better price, welcome to offer.

Im usually in the game at 10:00a.m. ~ 2:00p.m. CST.

PM me in the game, *ReaL-MrGoddess

and i will give free token with ur buying !
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Re: my trading lists

i'll take for the bin prices
5/5 poison facet -- um
0os SUP monarch 15ed 14du -- ist

would mule be ok?


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Re: my trading lists


Not quite 45, but I have a 36 res 0 os Sacred Targe if you are interested.




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Re: my trading lists

Gris world's hearts 950def. -- lem
3os AP -- um

Are they still available? If so, I'll take them.

*wilsons618c if you're on... I messaged you but I think you're afk?