My theorized build for PvP Sorc built around Energy Shield <


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My theorized build for PvP Sorc built around Energy Shield

After reading a lot of the ES threads, I am still thinking of using ES to create a sorc who is extremely close to invulnerable. This is a Pvp char vs. Casters (no block)


Weapon:The Oculus (+3 skills, 20 to vit, 20 to energy, 20 to res, 30 to faster cast) (for PvM ONLY, as the teleport when struck is an easy way to get yourself killed). Pvp weapon would be Hoto (15% max mana, res 30-40, +20 replenish life, 40% faster cast, 3 to skills, lvl 4 oak sage) - in Flail (41 str. req, 35 dex req)
Weapon switch: Perfect Call to Arms for Shouts in Crystal Sword (43 strength req)

Shield: Lidless Wall (+1 skills, max mana +10%, 20% faster cast, +10 to energy) (58 str. req)

Armour: (few good choices):
Heavenly Garb (+15 to Energy, All Resistances +10, Regenerate Mana 25%) - 41 str. req.
The Spirit Shroud (Magic Damage Reduce By (7-11), Replenish Life +10, +1 To All Skill Levels, Cannot Be Frozen) - 38 str.
Skin of the Vipermagi: (Magic Damage Reduce By (9-13), All Resistances +(20-35), 30% Faster Cast Rate, +1 To All Skill Levels) - 43 str
Que-Hegan's Wisdom: (Magic Damage Reduce By (6-10), +15 to Energy, 20% Faster Hit Recovery, 20% Faster Cast Rate, +1 To All Skill Levels)

All others require entirely too much strength. You could do Chains of Honour in a Dusk Shroud, but that costs 77 str. Gains from that is +65 res, +7 replenish life, and +2 to all skills.

Special Mention: Enigma. You can put it in a breast plate and it will only cost 30 str. and it provides enough strength to wear anything else I will list BUT the gains are only +2 skills, 5% max life, and 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana (which are way to low when you already have teleport).

Helm: Harlequin Crest (+2 skills, +2 to Strength, +2 to Vitality, +2 to Energy, + (1.5 Per Character Level) 1-148 To Life (Based On Character Level), and + (1.5 Per Character Level) 1-148 To Mana (Based On Character Level).

Gloves: Magefist (Regenerate Mana 25%, 20% Faster Cast Rate) - 45 str. Frosties (Increase Maximum Mana 40%) - 60 str or TO gloves (Cold Resist +30%, and 20% Faster Cast Rate) - 58 str.

Boots: Waterwalk (+(45-65) to Life) 47 str or Silkweaves (Increase Maximum Mana 10%) 65 str

Special Mention: Aldur's Boots for (+50 to Life, 10% Damgage Taken Goes To Mana, and Fire Resist +(40-50)%) BUT 95 str. req, which makes it worth not as much).

Belt: Lenymo (+15 to Mana, All Resistances +5, and Regenerate Mana 30%) or Nightsmoke (+20 to Mana, 50% Damage Taken Goes To Mana, All Resistances +10, Damage Reduce By 2), or Glooms Trap (+15 to Vitality, Increase Maximum Mana 15%, Regenerate Mana 15%), or Arachnid Mesh (Increase Maximum Mana 5%, 20% Faster Cast Rate, +1 To All Skill Levels) - 50 str. req.

Rings: 2 The Stone of Jordans (+20 to Mana, Increase Maximum Mana 25%, and +1 To All Skill Levels each)

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (+5 to Strength, and +5 to Vitality, +5 to Energy, All Resistances +(20-30) and +2 To All Skill Levels

Ideal Gear for PvP (general, you would obviously change gear to fit the characters in a game who are punishing you most):

Perfect Hoto: 41 str/CTA switch: 43 str
Lidless Wall with Um: 58 str.
Perfect Skin of the Vipermagi with Um: 43 str.
Harlequin Crest with Um: 50 (gives 2 to str)
Frosties: 60 str.
Perfect Waterwalks (65 life): 47 str.
Arachnid Mesh: 50 str.
Perfect Mara's Kaleidoscope (gives 5 to str)

This gives 40+22+50+15+30+30 (hoto, um in wall, um'd vipermagi, um from crest, maras)=187 res all + 30 from 3 anya quests = 217% res all - 100% hell = 117% res all (remember that other characters will be able to lower your res, so you need all the res you can).

and 110 cast rate, which lets you hit the second to last cast frame for a sorc (200 is last) of 8 frames.

Lvl 85 is what I will base end mana/life on using the gear I said:

Mana begins at 35 and gains 2 per lvl, and gets 2 mana per point put in energy.

51 strength needed to equip all (lidless is 58, crest gives 2, maras gives 5), so 41 stat points must be put into strength.

85-1 (you start at 1)=84 lvls of stat points*5=420+15 (quests)=435 stat points saved.

Put ALL 435 stat points into ENERGY. That gives 870 mana + 35 beginning + 168 (84 lvls of energy gained per lvl) = 1073 without gear.

1073 + 127.5 mana (Crest) + 14 mana (7 to energy from crest + maras)=1214.5 mana

1214.5*2.05 = 2489.725 (this is from the + max mana items) mana.

Mana regeneration rate:

Assuming Max Warmth and 2500 mana. Warmth is lvl 32 after skills (402%).

Mana Regenerated per second = 25 * [[256 * max_mana / (25 * 120)] * (%Mana Regeneration/100 + 1] / 256

[] = Round Down

104.39 mana regenerated per second.

How Dmg barely hurts you:

You will have lvl 40 Energy Shield and Telekenesis (+12 from skills and +8 from charms, 2 spots for other charms and small charms and if you have, anni)

This gives you a capped 95% aborbed dmg into your mana. You lose .75 mana @ lvl 20 telekenesis (synergy is capped at 20) per dmg taken.

Suppose you get hit with a 6000 dmg Bone Spirit (an avg dmg Bone Spirit). 6000*1/6 (pvp penalty)=1000. 1000*.05=50 dmg taken to life.

6000/6=1000 -50 = 950*.75=712.5 dmg taken to mana.

Losing 712.5 in multiple hits CAN destroy your mana pool, but with mana regeneration, if between every hit of 6k, you have about 7 seconds before you regenerate your pool.

Also, no1 will be able to call BM (bad mannered) if you drink mana pots b.c they won't see your life jump like they would with a life pot. If it's pubby, BM is fine neways, so pot away.

Now for the skills:

85-1=84 +12 (skills)=96-60(max telekenesis, es, and warmth=36 points to invest to do dmg.

For dmg, I have no idea. I am thinking either go enchantress, charged bolt sorc, or firebolt sorc. Let me know what you'd use.


So, what would you put your remaining points in and do you think this is viable?


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A Fireball sorc will instantly mana drain you, the 2nd hit will most likely kill you. The calculation holds for the 6k Bone Spear/Bone Spirit, but sorcs will do alot more than that.


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100% sure that its 1/6 PvP penalty for 1.10.

99.9% sure that Eshield dependent PvP sorc will fail unless you have godly teleporting skills. Elemental attacks will drain mana faster then bone spear. And bone spirit is homing and spammable.

Everyone should just forget the Eshield tanker sorc.


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The pvp penalty in 110 is 1/6 physical and 1/4 elemental. I suppose it's 1/4 for magic but not sure about that.

it's wrong to attempt a sorc that tanks "everything" with just E shield in the first place.
(you dont have to fight a sorc and a barb and a necro at the same time, for example)

If you want to be hard to kill , think this way.

Use 95% resis all and absorb for elemental caster

Eshield + mana for melee

If you managed to get 4k+ mana (doable with CTA), avg bone necros / hammer din will have a hard time killing you (again, you dont have to stand still and take hits)

The only tough opponent is WindDruid maybe.


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Wuhan_Clan said:
Everyone should just forget the Eshield tanker sorc.
For PvP I agree. For PvM I have a Matriarch ES sorc that solo'd the entire game (SP), and I tested a ES Mephisto runner that can take a 3 player Mephisto within 1 minute if you find the way down fast. Not that on that build, Mephisto cannot take any life and generally can't take more than 75% of her mana before Mephisto dies.


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Wuhan_Clan said:
Everyone should just forget the Eshield tanker sorc.
I consider trappers casters too, lightning sentry can do 5k avg. (~833 after penalty) damage, now since these also can be used with MB to give great stun, you'll have a problem with lack of FHR, charms will be needed for that. So, even with 4k+ mana, it doesn't take many hits, a single misplaced teleport and you'll be dry and with "only" +12 to teleport you might not even be able to get away. ES can help, ES does help, but you'll never get close to invunerable.

Also, you've now spent 20 points in warmth, 20 in TK, what are you going to attack with?


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This build would be effective vs melee only since ES is calculated BEFORE resists are taken into account so any elemental high damage source is likely to insta drain your mana with next hit possibly killing you.


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This is the only build that can take hits from magic damage. Remember your mana regen at 105 per sec, according to his calculation, thats around 4 per frame, and in 28 in 7 frame, which is more than enough for you to Teleport away if your mana pool suddenly gone empty, which will rarely happens unless you like to wait for Meteor.

As ES comes before resistance, Amplify Damage, Conviction, Lower Resist will have very little effect on you, only those damage that slip through your ES are enhanced.

I guess this will be best for the Enchantress which no need for mana, get to 75% block, some Cold armour, may be Zeal from Passion or WereBear from Beast, or simply Teleport on them and let your Enchanted merc do the job :p