My suggestion for 1.12 economy


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My suggestion for 1.12 economy

I know there's a separate thread on various suggestions for any future patch/s that may be on the horizon. However, after reading through various forums, particularly the official forums, I've noted most of them seem to be the same ideas rehashed.

eg. Increase the stash, make more build specific uniques, buff current under utilized builds, reduce the strength of runewords, etc.

But really, when you go back to the roots of Diablo, do you really think they sat there and went "Okay if we put such and such damage to this skill, players will use it in conjunction with this skill to make this particular build".


So here is my proposed suggestions to 1.12, that aren't necessarily just adding an uber unique designed for a particular build. My idea's are something that I think would enhance the actual "playing" of diablo, and making various characters and items more accessible to a larger audience of players, regardless of their wealth. Hopefully, with the addition of other features, it can make Diablo II a more balanced, and enjoyable experience. Of course this is just an idea that's popped into my head, so it may be a little flawed.


Drops for lower level players
No one wants to be low level. No one wants to play through the game and do the quests that don't really benefit you. What if the entire high end economy was based upon the requirements of items gathered from lower level characters.

Picture this. Shael rune will ONLY drop from a monster killed by a character levels 5-25. This Shael rune is required to be used in a runeword that a level 94 character wishes to make. HOWEVER, the elite weapon he wishes to make it in has a very low chance to drop on Hell difficulty. However, the non-elite version is relatively common on nightmare difficulty from a level 60 monster, when killed by a character between the levels of 45-60. Thanks to a new recipe, all weapons can be upgraded using a recipe that involves two chipped sapphires and a Ko rune. Unfortunately, chipped gems will now only drop from monsters between level 10-50.

Basically, the level 94 character will need to trade something of worth to the level 22 guy who has a Shael rune. He will then need to decide whether he would try and find the elite weapon himself, trade someone else, or possible get a hold of the lower version, trade for the chipped gems, find a Ko rune, and upgrade the weapon himself.

This forces the higher level characters to spread around more of the items, as mid level characters become essential to crafting higher level items.

Perhaps a better way to look at this would to break it up into real life terms.

- The Farmer (level 12 druid) grows the wheat
- The Baker (level 48 sorc) buys the wheat from the farmer as he needs it to make the bread
- The Baker (level 48 sorc) also requires quite a bit of wood to run the oven to bake his bread
- The baker then also needs to pay the Woodsman (level 21 barb) to deliver firewood to his house
- The Baker (level 48 sorc) then bakes some bread, which he then sells to the Grocer (level 70 paladin)
- The Grocer (level 70 paladin) then packages and resells the bread to the local noble (level 89 assassin), and other needy people in order to make a profit
- The Noble (level 89 assassin) simply cannot live without her fresh bread (or in this case, a nicely crafted runeword) every day, thus she requires the lower level characters to keep her in supply. This allows, say, the farmer to maybe one day make enough profit (good gear), and allow him to start his own bakery and sell at a reduced cost, thus allowing him access to better gear.

Well, think of it an economy that doesn't restrict farming of items to higher level characters. It would basically spread all items out as higher level characters would need to trade with lower level characters.


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Interesting idea.
Wouldn't the level 94 charecter just make a new charecter, or use one of the ones he is currently leveling to find the rune? It would also make trading things extremely complicated since no one will want to trade anything of worth for a shael and the person who has it will want something big because the high level wants it.


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It would have a small chance of success, since most ppl would be willing to make several chars for certain specific quests/etc. I know some ppl who have norm char they lvl to only lvl 50-60ish just to farm norm/nm for jewels and such for lld items. Then there of course are the chars just for vlld, lld, mld type (which those have subclasses of themselves).

Thats my opinion anyways, just somethin to think about.

-BLoke :smug: