my sorc guide

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my sorc guide

hey i wana make a sorc so here is my guide to sorc for pvp

20 in orb
20 in thunderstrom
1 in cold mastary skils boost it enuf
20 in lightning mastary
rest in teleprot or warmth

for item get resist an fcr to tele fast, i dno how much u need but a good number is 120

for kilin ppl jus tele round em an make em eat ur orbs an they die prity fast

thunderstrom is just for pasive damage it make big domage and instakill some noob barb witout resist


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diablomasterr said:
hey guys do u thik my guide is good enough to put as stiky or in the stratgy guide section
Uhm, no. I rather consider this spam. Look in the Sorceress Guide Library to see what guides really look like. If this kind of posts continue, from whoever, surely some unhappy mod sanctions will follow.

thx, meli

P.S.: Topic closed.
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