My Setup


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My Setup

Hey, I have a 83 Light Sorceress that I love to PvP and also PvM on...Her gear is as follows:

#1 - 34% Hoto + P Spirit Monarch
#2 - 3 bo CTA + Spirit Monarch

Body Armor:
Dusk Shroud CoH (Resists)
Dusk Shroud Enigma (Mana +Str)
P up'd Viper Magi w/ +5%/-5% Light facet

Armaggedon Fletch Amulet

Griffon's Eye w/ +5%/-5% Light Facet

2x SoJs

Arachnid Mesh

Sandstorm Trek

9x Light GCs
10x5% all resis SCs

Infinity Cryptic Axe
Ethereal Fortitude Archon Plate
'BerBer' CoA

I am really liking this setup so far, only thing is my Merc's survivability. Usually I can kill the mobs without him taking too much damage, but when Baal's minions all zerg him, I have to Tele to keep him alive.

PvP wise, I don't have too much problem, except stackers totally dominate me. I stack all my facet gear and Infinity but sometimes even that's not enough. If anyone has any feedback on my gear please help! I know I have much room for improvement and that is why I came here! Thanks for replies.


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Mind telling us the stats on 'Armaggedon Fletch Amulet'? Otherwise, we wouldn't know...

Your merc has no life leech, which is one reason why he dies, and why you need to pot him. Since his primary goal is to stay alive to keep the Conviction aura active, I personally would place emphasis on survivabilty over damage output. So consider giving him life leech, PDR%, and FHR. For example, something like eth upgraded Um'ed Shaftstop and eth Um'ed Vampire Gaze.


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Armageddon Fletch Amulet:

+2 Sorceress Skills
+20 Faster Cast Rate
+18 Strength
+55 to Life
+59 to Mana
+23 All Resistances


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What gloves are you using? It looks like you are blowing past the 105% FCR breakpoint, but then stalling out 2/3 of the way to 200%. There's not much since going 2/3 of the way. specifically I don't see a reason to use vipermagi (the FCR isn't doing you any good). You can swap your amy for mara's too (again the FCR isn't doing you any good).

You have the gear to hit 200% if you want. Just add in magefists, viper, armagedon fletch, and then add in a FCR ring. That will get you to 200% exactly.

Frostburn is right about your merc. Just be sure to get some FHR and IAS too. If you use shaftshop and gaze socketed with Um's he'll still be lacking IAS and FHR. You can do stone to get FHR and resists, then vamp gaze with an IAS jewel. I don't think its possible to get FHR, IAS, LL, DR% and Resists all maxed when using an infinity. You'll have to make some sacrifices, just don't cut anything out all together. Make sure your infinity is in a fast polearm too. CV's and CA's are about the worst weapons to use.