My (second) introduction thread


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My (second) introduction thread

So , hi guys :)

First of all , a bit about me . Im 17 years old male , living in Lithuania. Im still studying in school now (brrr :sad2: ) . By the next year , hopefully, ill be studying programming in university. I also love playing chess .

On diablo 2 side , i started playing it as soon as it hit the shelves . I didnt like it first , came back few years later. By then 1.09 patch was already out. Sadly , something happened to my D2 cd , so , and not wanting to waste more money (we're pretty poor here in Lithuania) i got pirate version :undecided: I couldnt play on , but i could play on private servers. I did that , and i became quite know there. Necromancers by those times were considered to be "curse-*B!tches" , nothing else. So , i created one with main purpose - dueling. I became quite known as a good dueler , as i managed to beat sorcs and amazons. People usually thought about me as some random noob and would get very surprised when i beat them. I even got called hacker/cheater , heh :)
Then , after some time i quit again , and came back when v1.10 came out. I was very pleased with the new patch and started playing on single player , testing builds mostly. And , while i was having fun bashing my way through act 3 normal , i thought : Hey , but this is much more fun that usualy **** i have to do on private servers (read : Then i started searching for some forum where i would find like-minded people , and i stumbled upon this site :)

After this , i decided to try get hardcore septavirate (spelling?). From then , all my characters where hardcore .I also set some additional rules for me : no redoing areas (read : no mfing, leveling) and also the character build should be rare/exotic.
My first guardian came from some kind of team tournament. He was a necromancer with skills in both summoning and damage skills.
My second guardian was a druid , following excellent Alter ego's guide. I can say that he was quite weak , but i still managed to do it. When i made a thread about it quite some people where surprised about my equipment list :

Originally Posted by AlterEgo
And I love the equipment list. Where else but in untwinked play will you see end-game gear of Kite Shield, Mesh Belt, Spiked Club, Light Plate, Greaves.

After that , i started an assassin. I wanted to try martial arts only build , so i did that. It was very interesting character to play , with no crowd control at all and all usual assassin goodies like burst of speed, etc. She got killed in hell act 2 and i was surprised i got that far .
Some time later i decided to do another attempt with same build , but this time i allowed to use shadow skills. This time i got stuck on ancients . I tried to beat them for about a month , most of that time spent getting gold to ressurect merc.I tried using life tap , doing all kinds of tricks. Best i could do was getting one of them (do not remember which) to about 2/3 hp. My merc would die after one WW from talic (?). To sum it up, nothing helped and i came to a painful conclusion that i couldnt beat them if i played untwinked. Off course , all my items were downright ****** , like my weapon. It was regular assassins claw that you can find in normal just with +1 to assassins skills.
So i set for one last try and Fireworks died.

While it might sound my attempts were unsuccesful it isnt that way. I had LOADS of fun while playing these two characters. You cant imagine how its like when you play pheonix-strike based character. You have 3 viable means of attack , decent crowd control , what more can you ask for? And all of those effects ... i doubt theres another character that can create such mayhem :) I couldnt see how many charges i have , heck , i even couldnt see what im attacking !

And now , i have two new characters, one is amazon who will use freezing and immolation arrows to kill stuff, other is a sorc . This one will probably be most "cookie-cutterish" build of all i've made , using frozen orb and hydras to kill opposition. Both characters are in normal act 5.

So , im finally back to d2 now :yay: Any good tournaments going ?
I suppose im quite rusty after two years of not playing but still , its all about fun , right ? :smiley: Also , as my version of d2 is pirate i can only use v1.10 , that meaning FE and other nasty stuff. But whatever, d2 should be pretty cheap by now

P.s sorry for grammar mistakes , english isnt my native language.


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re welcome here
also part some cookies with me
nebux doesn't like HC
nebux is so stupid that he only knows about one click skill.
if monster dies, nebux is happy
else nebux hates Diabla


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Ha, another SP psycho from LT:wink3: On what servers you played?
What city your from?

P.S Pagaliau kazkas is Lietuvos:thumbsup:

edit: How the heck I didnt notice you earlier...


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Welcome to the forums...I'm sure you'll like it here.

A fun tournament that I'm in right now is the Enchantress Tourney hosted by Quickdeath. It's worth giving a look. I hope you enjoy your stay here.