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My PvP Pally... Need Help

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by NoobXDon, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. NoobXDon

    NoobXDon IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2006
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    My PvP Pally... Need Help

    so i am torn between the last few skill pts in my PvP Hammerdin Hybrid Build

    i could use the rest of the pts i have left into charge and be a Libby


    i could use my pts in Holy Shield and be a Vanquisher

    either way my PvP methods would be similar,
    offensive hammerfields/defensive hammerfields (depending on enemy) then vigorcharge in and smite or charge lock.

    as my vigor is maxed, my charge with 1 pt does LOTS of dmg. i also use a grief PB so my smite does tons of dmg as well.

    im not sure which build would work out better tho. any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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