My pure summoner


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My pure summoner

well, i dont have one yet but im going to start making one... will this be effective ?

Stat:str 70-100

20 raise skel
20 skel mastery
20 raise bone mae
1 clay golem
1 blood golem
1 iron golem
1 golem mastery
1 summon resist
1 teeth
as much as i can in CE
5-10 amp

i changed it a bit...yea..


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I can really recomment getting at least Amplify Damage, it can curse away most of the physical immunities making your skeletons just so much more effective. I'd seriously think about getting Decrepify also.
About Revive, more skillpoints only get you more monsters to revive. Getting +15 to summoning skills isn't that hard, so are you sure you'll be having 35 revived monsters around? I have 17 revives with +skill and hardly ever reach that number.


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just 1 pt into revives willl get you 10-15 revives with + skill gear
1 pt into amp dmg is plenty you're better off putting the extra 4-9 pts into CE....

why 1 pt into teeth? you might as well put it in bone armor or something instead

just get 1 pt int clay golem..forget the rest for don't really need fire/blood...and probably wont need iron either...

you might want to put a pt into decrep for taking big bosses with clay golem that should make they almost freeze


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With only 1 base point in Amp and +skills you'll cover almost the whole screen. I did mean get only 1 point.

The point in Teeth is prebably because you need teeth for CE.


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ic pre reqs..i guess those are assumed....

and with + skill gear amp will cover a screen with just 1 need for more...


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With decent +skillers, you can get away with only a point into revives, curses, CE and such. I've got a necro who still has a dozen points left over and I haven't a clue what to do with it. I put a point into all the curses for fun. Dim Vision is veddy good for those nasty gloams/black souls/whatever and attract / confusion /terror are fun just to make a mess of things and provide crowd control. It's kinda sick how well the skellies do in hell running around WSK, then you add the merc and gumby and hey, party in the throne room!

And by the way, try to get decrep fairly early in the game so you can use it against diablo and other bosses if possible. Makes a world of difference!

good luck and good hunting!