My Pc lags?


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more heat = poorer processor performance.

there are a lot of factors that affect heat dissipation - dust, air circulation, and so forth.

a desktop is far easier to give a good cleaning .. and with a desktop you can also clean the heatsink fan, reapply thermal paste, etc.

with a laptop, depending on the make, results may vary. some laptops require a special screwdriver to remove the bottom cover. you might have access to the exhaust fan (where the hot air comes out) and be able to clean this area. there are also laptop cooling pads available with fans and so forth in these.

you could also consider playing D2 in a walk-in freezer ;)

good luck

Klæmint Vágadal

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bruticus: Haha, a walk in freezer. Thats the same thing a friend of my suggested:laugh:

But problem is solved now. I just sprayed air in the fan cooler with a compressor, some dust came out and the fan runs better now:smiley:No lag what so ever! Whooooo! Time to MF!:jig: