My 'No Skill' Journey


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For fun, I decided to do a project where I would do the campaign without using any skills, just the basic attack. This would mean all of my damage would have to come from items.

No Skill Use
No Passives
No Paragon Points
No Follower
Have an empty dedicated stash tab that I can only transfer items to/from.

Character Creation
When deciding what class I was going to use, equipment availability was my number 1 concern, so I went to the Diablo 3 site, and looked at what weapon restrictions there were for each class. The Witch Doctor is the only class without non-class-specific weapon restrictions, so I figured that would give me the widest range of useful items.

Starting Act 1

Act 1 started out pretty easily. I had a preference for bows because it seemed like every elite pack I encountered had knockback, which is annoying for melee fighting. I was killing somewhat slow, so I tended to run past enemies to get to story objectives, fighting only when they blocked my way. I found a Broken Crown around level 8, but wasn't getting any gem drops, so that didn't help much.

Everything was bearable...until the Cathedral Lvl 3. Monster HP was quickly outpacing my damage, and killing even normal packs was taking several minutes. I decided to break one of my rules. :( I boosted my paragon points so my damage amplification from Intelligence was just below my lowest single-hit skill (which was Un-runed Poison Dart) until I could find some useful piece of equipment.

I continued on. The Skeleton King was a bit of a bear, but after a few minutes, he fell. Then I went on to collecting sword pieces for The Stranger.

Finally! Something Useful!
I didn't really get anything notable until I killed the Spider Queen. She dropped a legendary Chest Armor. As soon as I saw it in my inventory, I rejoiced! Heart of Iron! Converting 256% of my Vitality to Thorns Damage. I immediately reset my Paragon points back to zero, and started piling on as much Vitality equipment as I could. Finally, I was able to start killing things.

The rest of Act 1 went fairly quickly from there. Even the Butcher fell after hitting me a few times.

Act 2
It was getting late, so I decided to try and kill Maghda. It was a cake walk. I think she died after hitting me 3 or 4 times.

That's where I am so far.

I'm doing over 5k thorns damage and most monsters have less than 1k HP, so I might raise the difficulty level to Hard or Expert. My "end game" plan is probably going to be to try to get Legacy of Nightmares, since that boosts overall damage.

Without using skills, the game feels more like Diablo II than D3, which is kind of a nice change.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you all with my journey thus far. I'll keep you guys updated.

Mage Slayer

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I remember getting a Heart of Iron while levelling a Crusader the first season it got its legendary power. It was a lot of fun.