My next project - FA Mavina's Bowazon


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My next project - FA Mavina's Bowazon

Hi all

I have just aquired Mavina's Set. I think that it is most suited for FA so my plan is simple :

20 x FA
20 x Cold Arrow
1+ x Penetrate
1+ x Pierce
1 x Dodge Avoid Evade
10+ Valkyrie
1 x Preqs
It is about 60 points. So first question what next ?? Secondary attack sugestions ??

Gear :
Mavina's Set
Wartravellers ????
2x Raven / 2x Soj / 1 Raven+1 Soj ????
Cat's Eye or Metalgrid ?????
4 Passive&Magic Charms

can amazon like this solo hell ??

Thx for input


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Be sure to check out the FA guide (

I have 2 FA ama's - 1 of the with full mav's.
My mav amazon put remaining skill's in the fire side - but I'm not too happy about that.

So I'd recommend either:
1) Points into strafe for physical damage
2) Points into charged strike + lightning fury (use titans on switch - you'll loose the full mav set bonus though). This is the route of my non-mav FA ama ( :p )
3) Use the points for valk, pierce and dodge / evade / avoid and let merc/valk take care of cold immunes.

Wartravelers are good
Id definately recommend at least 1 raven. 1 soj is also good since FA is VERY mana costly. Actually - if you're on ladder I can certainly recommend an act II merc with infinity - it will make your job MUCH easier. Without it my ama runs out of mana constantly :eek:
Try to get some bow skillers as well - they are cheap and will help your FA damage.

And your last questien - yes they can solo hell. Its not a super-powerfull killerbuild but it works :thumbsup:


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You are going to suck up your mana bulb very quickly if you only use FA. Use either 2 soj's or don't go the full synergy with cold arrow and spend them instead in strafe and use other rings. Like the other person who had a thread yesterday, I would use strafe or multi to let your mana fill up and then go FA again.


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Wouldn't it make more sense to max Cold Arrow and put less points in FA? Keeps damage as high as you can while reducing mana cost.

Anyway, I personally would max Fire and Explosive Arrow. IIRC Mav's set isn't big on physical damage anyway. I would also get Silkweaves and look into trying to find some serious mana leech, like Crescent Moon amulet or something. Oh and as others have said, a single point in Strafe to leech back your mana.


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You'll suck up your mana in seconds using FA even with 2 sojs due to the crappy physical damage of mavina's set and it's meager 5% mana leech, not helped by the 1/4 leech penalty in hell. You just have to chug super mana pots like mad (4x4 in belt).

Also, strafe/multi/guided is a VERY CRAPPY back up for this build with this set. The damage and strafe speed aren't that great and it will take forever to kill anything in hell games with multiple players using a strafe backup. You should try and pump lightning fury instead as a backup. Also carry out a strong might merc for physical damage backup.


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While it is true that you will suck up mana very quickly, I disagree that strafe or multi are bad backups. My FA/strafe zon made it through hell just fine. I used strafe for most monsters when I had the space or if they were cold immune. Large packs were dismantled very quickly using FA with only 10 or so in CA before + to skills. Then I would strafe again while the mana bulb filled up.

I think it is a fun build. Yes, strafe is a little underpowered, but you can make it through hell using it.


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Thx for the replies.

I will try strafe so the build ill look like that :

20 FA, 20 Cold, 20 Strafe 10 Valk 10 Pierce 1 in the all others

Gear like i said before.

might merc with nice gear (shaft, gaze, reapers)

As Dacar said it will be fun build not the Kill-everything-in-one-second-with-no-worries-about-dying-and-with-my-eyes-shut thingie.


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If you don't want to be killing things with your eyes shut, you shouldn't be using strafe. :p


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I have just completed hell with a Mavina's Frost Maiden. She also wears atma's scarab, ravenfrost and a rare dual leech ring. With patience you can handle any area with these items alone. Boss killing will be tough. End bosses very tough and Baal I simply could not do solo at all. Oddly enough the ancients were not too hard at all once i killed the first one and the other two decided my valk was sexier than me.


Leave the bow skill gc's where they belong, sold to mara in exchange for pots. Buy passive gc's. I used both and dmg increase from bow was awful where the boost to penetrate, pierce, crit, valk and decoy were handy.

She is now 81 and is a great pit runner. I am placing all my spare pts in decoy for the valk boost and really notice the benifit there.

As to point spread, I have max fa, ca, penetrate, 11 in valk and 1 in all pre reqs. All spare points are going into decoy for valk life boost and ga. Strafe pwns with only 1 pt and after pumping dex in favour of life I am 85% to hit just about everything, amp is generated in almost every pack, critical strike likewise.

Play technique is 1 strafe every few steps untill contact. Strafe small-medium packs and fa the big ones. Remember fa is partly phys dmg and has at least 5% better chance to hit than strafe due to ar bonus. If all cold immune I use ga instead of fa.

Socketting. Check the websites for the numbers but with atma's scarab for amp you dont have enough ias spots to make 9/2. Trust me 9/3 is still godly. Nef the bow. Nothing else will help as much. Ias the helm and do whatever you wish in the armour. Ed ias is obviously better but probably too expensive.

My merc is might a2 and has ok polearm, tals helm and skulders ire. Sliver act bosses and let him kill for the 100% extra mf. If i had a spare i would use reapers toll.

Dont believe the talk. This build is cheap and viable in every area, just have some nice baba or druid tank Baal for you. GLHF :thumbsup: