My newest project(s)

My newest project(s)

Right now I'm quite perplexed. As a member of SP, one of the greatest items is obtaining wealth in my opinion. Ever since I started playing SP I've concetrated on nothing but MF'ing 98% of the time, and over that time I've collected some awesome gear. And now through trading on this site I've used that gear to obtain some even more useful gear, but yet I'm left unhappy. It seems as of lately, I've been deciding on which character to start based on the gear I have, instead of rather which Character will be quite fun.

From this thinking I will create two projects. Both are zealots. Zealot #1 is named Achilles. He will be twinked from items I've previously found magic finding, and all the great gear I received today through trades. Zealot #2 is named Aragorn. Aragorn will be completely untwinked and only use what he finds during his playing experience. It's time I actually enjoy this game and finally stop the magic finding madness and play around.

It's funny when I had no gear at all, all I dreamt about was finding elite items so all of my characters would be unstoppable. Now, ironically, that I have some great gear, I feel the complete opposite. I feel like the point of the game is now ruined. Instead of playing through the game and fighting and seeing what I can come up with. I try to rush and level as fast as I can so my characters can wear their Leet gear. So, Aragorn, please don't lemme down, and for anyone who cares about anything I just said, I'll be sure to keep you updated.


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I for one would like to hear about your progress.

As I twink heavily atm, normal and nightmare no longer pose any challange, and I'm thinking of progressing to HC untwinked. The problem is that with ATMA, it is so convenient, to browse through your stash whenever you hit a difficult patch and find something that will work great on the char.

I think you will feel much more accomplished with Aragorn, when you finished the game, but time will tell.

Are you planning on keeping the 2 char close together regarding the acts that they are doing, or are Achilles going to finish ahead of Aragorn?

Oh, and are they going to be the same build, in regards to skill pt placement?
(I suppose the stats will vary because of gear availability)

Have fun and keep us updated.