My new ww barbarian pvm(euscl)


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My new ww barbarian pvm(euscl)

Hey, ive maked a new ww baba
Name: Satan-Helvete lvl:87

Ive mixed with skills:
20 bo
20 ww
1 berzerk
1 concentrate
1 battle command
some others
rest howl

Weapons. i use 2 weapons
number 1:eth botd ba 386//15

Switch: 2 x 3 wc weapons

2: last wish ba 376///63

armor:enigma loricated mail 1300 def, 15 ed extra def 755
Gor forti dusk 26 1.5 life to

Boots: gores and eth sands

Glowes:dracul perf ll

Belt verdungo 13/xx dont remember

arreat 169, should i ber it or what?

amu: angelic-gives ar(massive)
ring:angelic-gives ar(massive)
ring:raven 20//224

charms: grand: 4 wc skillers and one combat
scs:8 with 3 max dmg-and ar add
Large: torch 15//19

Stats:with no bo:
life 2000
def 4600
181 mana

concentrate=2 k-6 k
ww=1,6 k-5 k
1 k-3,3k

with bo and merc: life 4.5 k
def 17 k
mana 383

dmg: about 100 higher

This char has mush ll, and you can do pindle without healing, you can tele down to baal and kill minions and baal alone in few minutes(depends what monsters.
Its easy to level up whit this baba, you can host baal games urself ;P

anyway what you think about it?
how mush you think its worth with all items??
Remember that i lost my acc for some weeks ago, that is maybe the reason coz it isnt so cheap